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Testimonies, people converted to Christianity and seeing Jesus "links only" messenger July 2008

I seen Jesus = (Yeshua) 2 times and felt him touch me 2 times !!! Kim 2/25/04

          Re: I seen Jesus = (Yeshua) 2 times and felt him touch me 2 times !!! / Messenger 4/10/06

          I see now Angela miller 11/26/03

Re: i see now / Messenger 4/22/06
financial miracles jean 9/17/03
Re: financial miracles Brother / Messenger 12/19/03
Praise God Deborah  2/26/03
Re: Praise God / Messenger 8/15/03
God touched my estranged husband's heart, and he was able to pay a portion of the money owed Silver Femme (c/o / Messenger) 1/18/03
I am seeing Jesus = (Yeshua) in my internal vision, I got the job and I start tomorrow Jan (c/o / Messenger) 1/7/03
The Lord is still bestowing His great miracles in my life! Jan  1/7/03
Both prayers were answered!  I feel like I am living in a miracle zone Fran (c/o / Messenger) 1/1/03
I saw a river of light that was flowing from the sky to me Jan (c/o / Messenger) 1/1/03
A check arrived in the mail for $450.00 and my sister sent me $100.00 and some good people in the dollar ministry sent me some cash. Jan  (c/o / Messenger) 12/26/02
I am feeling the Spirit of Our Lord right now - He has come over me reading the words Jan (c/o / Messenger) 12/3/02
His presence has just embraced me as I am reading and writing your prayer Nthabiseng Mollo (c/o / Messenger) 12/2/02
God has definitely answered our prayers for Linda   12/1/02
we received firm promises of the government to finance the project "Thank God" (Pas -tor) (Ma -mbo) (Eben -ezer) (c/o / Messenger) 11/20/02
Lynette's baby  was born  "thank God" Rose Dublin (c/o / Messenger) 11/19/02
I was fired from my job because I spoke about Jesus = (Yeshua) Mable Dotson (c/o / Messenger) = 11/1/02
UPDATE FOR ADDIE. Mrs P c/o / Messenger  10/31/02
Grant age 4 is not on life support any more, thank God for his miracle SISTER PHYLLIS  10/31/02
Alex is doing good, Our Lord is awesome Jill c/o / Messenger  10/27/02
Good report from the Cardiologist Carmela  10/24/02
The lord healed me, I have NO arthritis!!! Diane  10/21/02
Love and peace / Messenger  10/15/02