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Star of David is the star of Remphan

The word [Remdan] [Remdan] or [Ramadan] is used by Muslims also. The Ramadan is the name of the month that the Muslims fast. The word star is mentioned in the bible many times, however, the meaning of the star changes according to the passage. For example: Jesus is the morning star in Revelation 22:16; Lucifer also is the morning star in Isaiah 14:12 to 15, Mary the mother of Jesus has 12 stars on her crown in Revelation 12:1 to 2. Those that kept the Word, God will give them the morning star in Revelation 2:26 to 28.

The star that the Israelites name it by "star of David" is the wrong name for this star. The Hebrews brought the star of  with them from Egypt. 

The star that the Jews name it the Star of David is made of six-pointed star formed by extending each of the sides of a regular hexagon into equilateral triangles. The star is a figure of six lines or sides; it is made of two equivalent triangles, one triangle overlapped the other, each triangle is facing the other triangle in the opposite direction. The star appears on synagogues, Jewish tombstones, and the flag of the State of Israel. The symbol historically was not limited to use by Jews originated in antiquity. It served as a magical sign or as a decoration.

The triangle has a shape of one side pyramid triangle. When the Hebrews left Egypt, they brought the star of Rempham = (Remphan), which they use to worship in Egypt. The star represents Pharaoh’s pyramid, which was worshipped by the Egyptians and the Hebrews in Egypt. The Hebrews brought the Egyptian pagan idols and images with them to the Promised Land, including the star of Rempham = (Remphan) secretly and the tent of Moloch. The only thing that has a triangle shape in Egypt is the Pyramid. If the Hebrews worshipped the star of Rempham = (Remphan) in Egypt, it means that the Egyptians worshipped the same thing also. The Hebrews worshipped the golden calf in the wilderness as the Egyptians do in Egypt. All these ideologies hat the Hebrews brought back from Egypt still in memory in Israel. However, I don't know the correlation between the golden calf and the red heifer = (young cow), that should be a sign to rebuild the temple of the Lord God Yahweh. The red heifer that should be a sign to rebuild the temple is not an Egyptian ideology; it was announced by God Yahweh in the Torah.

History indicates that the Hebrews brought their worshipping tent and star to the Promised Land, acts. What kind of a tent and a star were they? If the Hebrews were in Egypt for four hundreds years under bondages they probably learned or forced to worship the Egyptian god of Pharaoh. However, the tent and the star that the book of Acts mentions about are not the ideologies of Pharaoh; it could be an Egyptian's ideology. The six points of the two triangles star sign is composed of two pyramids, one pyramid is pointed upward toward heaven and the second triangle is pointed downward to earth. It could have have different meaning also, However, are the two pyramids coincidence or meant to be two pyramids or a star of six points, or two triangles? It is not too far from reality, the Hebrews came from Egypt and brought a sign of two pyramids.

However, was it their invention or the Egyptians’? Egyptian history doesn't refer to any star of pyramid's worshiping. History indicates about stars' worshipping and astrologists in Egypt, Middle East, Africa, and in Asia. During Abraham's era, people worshipped the moon, the sun, the fires, animals, idols, and the stars. These ideologies were in practice before the Hebrews went to Egypt by various nations and races. The pyramids were the graves of Pharaoh, relatives, and princes. The pyramids for the Egyptians are sacred also. Therefore, the Hebrews brought the sign of the pyramids to show that they are from Egypt and to worship also. According the book of Acts that was written by Paul, not Luke, the Hebrew people were worshipping the star after they returned from Egypt. It means the Hebrews learned this ideology from the Egyptians. Astrologists believe in the power of the stars during Pharaoh's era and in modern days. They depend on the stars of heaven for their predictions. Therefore, the Egyptians and other people from many nations use to worship the stars. The stars' worshipping still exists in the twentieth first century. We shouldn't be surprise if the Hebrew people use to worship the star. The star that the Jews name it the Star of David has nothing to do with David. The Jews kept this star as a national sign on the flag of Israel. Therefore, the Jews had to invent this myth to avoid doubt that the Hebrew people are worshipping a star. Ninety nine percent of the Jews use the star's sign on their jewelries, doors' posts, walls, windows, cemeteries, and even in synagogues. We recognize the same star in some Christian churches, as the star that led the shepherds to the baby Jesus. The star in Christian churches refers to Jesus as the morning star also. The Jews don’t worship the star in modern days, they think it is the Star of David, but David didn’t have any star and didn’t worship any stars. Some Israelites use the star to show the world that they are Jews.

The tent of Moloch is the tabernacle of worship. The book of Acts 7:41 to 43, and the book of Amos 5:26 mention about the star of Rempham = (Remphan) and the tent of Moloch. The passage reads: [41 And they made a calf in those days, and offered sacrifices to the idol, and rejoiced in the works of their own hands. 42 And God turned, and gave them up to serve the host of heaven, as it is written in the books of the prophets: Did you offer victims and sacrifices to me for forty years, in the desert, O house of Israel? 43 And you took unto you the tabernacle = (tent) of Moloch, and the star of your god Rempham = (Remphan), figures which you made to adore them. And I will carry you away beyond Babylon,] Acts 7:41 to 43, Amos 5:24 to 27. The author of the book Acts copied this passage from the book of Amos.

Modern Israelites saw the star of Rempham = (Remphan) on their ancient objects in Israel, Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia. They believe that this star is the Star of David or the seal of Solomon. However, the star was not mentioned in the Torah and not even by Saul, David, and Solomon. The book of Acts confirms that this star if an Egyptian idol worshipping that the Hebrews brought with them from Egypt. It is disgrace to use this star in Synagogues and in the temple, and even on the flag of the state of Israel. I hope the Israelites wouldn’t use this idol worshipping star in the new temple. I don’t know how historians could name it by the Star of David of Solomon’s seal. The bible mention about this star in the book of Acts and in the book of Amos 5:24 to 27.

It reads: [24 But judgment shall be revealed as water, and justice as a mighty torrent. 25 Did you offer victims and sacrifices to me in the desert for forty years, O house of Israel? 26 But you carried a tabernacle = (tent) for your Moloch, and the image of your idols [star of Chiun] [Chi-un], the star of your god, which you made to yourselves. 27 And I will cause you to go into captivity beyond Damascus, said the Lord, the God of hosts is his name,] Amos 5:24 to 27.


What the Torah mentions about the Star of Remphan = [Remdan] = [Ramdan] = [Ramadan] ?

The Torah and the prophets didn’t mention about such pagan ideology. The author of the book of Acts mentioned about this ideology to disgrace the Hebrews. However, this harsh description was very helpful to find out the truth about this Egyptian star that the Hebrews use to worship during their captivity in Egypt by Pharaoh, and it guides us about the origin of the Islamic ideology. Biblical references, Acts 7:41 to 43, Amos 5:24 to 27.

History tells us that the moslems = (muslims) use the name of Remphan = (Remfan) also. They name it [Remdan] = [Ramdan] = [Ramadan] is the name of the month that the moslems = (muslims) fast. In English alphabet, the letters [f] or [ph] pronounce the same and the pronunciation is the same as the letter [f] in Arabic also. However, the letter [d"] and letter [f] looks alike in Arabic alphabet, especially when it is written in script attached letter, you can't tell the difference because these two letter is written as circles in the middle of a word or a name, as you see in the two images below. The circle of letter [d"] in Arabic script is slightly bigger than the letter [f], which makes the word [Remphan] looks likes [Remdan].

Overtimes, the Arabs used this word and worshiped the star and the crescent as the Jews did when they were in Egypt until Mohammed stopped the Arabs and forced them to worship Allah instead. However, the star Remphan or Remden was not worshipped as god, but it was used as a symbol next to the crescent moon that we see today on the mosques' minarets and a name for the fasting month, which is Ramadan. The word Ramadan in Arabic as you see in the image contains 5 letters only, for example: [ Rmdan ] but to write this word in English and to keep its Arabic pronunciation, they have to add more letters to the word, for example: Ramadan. In Arabic they write from right to left. Look at the four Arabic letter below, they are detached letters, which mean [ Rmdan ] if you want to compare, you to start from right to left:  ر  is R,   م  is M,    ض  is D,   أ   is A,   ث   is N.

ر م ض أ ث


for example: look at the images bellow, they words are written in script attached letters.


Remphan = (Remfan) = [Remdan] = [Ramdan] = [Ramadan]

The moslems = (muslims) copied 20 percent of the Hebrews’ traditions and part of the laws of the Torah. The moslems = (muslims) are NOT the descendants of Abraham through his second Egyptian wife Hagar = (Hager). But they claim that they are, which is false because Abraham's family speak Hebrew and the Muslim Arabs speak Arabic. And there is no relation between the tribes because they are killing each other.[Note: Agar = (Hagar) = (Hager)]

Actually, according to history and the book of Hadith, Muslims use to fast Ramada = [Remphen] before Mohamed introduced Allah to the idolaters = moon-god worshippers. Therefore, the word Remphen is Remdan, as we see in the above two images that there is no difference between both words. The word has a slight difference in pronunciation, it happened when the Arabs translated the word from Hebrew or Egyptian to Arabic. The star of Remphen = Remden = Ramadan originally the Hebrew people brought it with them from Egypt when Moses liberated them from Pharaoh's bondage. The word could be originated from Egyptian language during that era or from the language that the Hebrew people used during their bondage in Egypt. Afterward, the Arabs embraced this type of worship before Mohammed started the religion of Islam. The fasting and the worship to the star Remphen = Remden = Ramadan was included in the moon- god's ideology.


herefore, we recognize the crescent moon still in use in Islam until the twentieth century on the top of the mosques' minarets. Moreover, the black stone that is in the black cubic room in the twentieth first century that Muslims call [Cabaa] Kaaba in Mecca of Saudi Arabia was in the Cabaa before Mohamed converted the idolaters to Islam. It is mentioned in the book of Hadith. Mohammed removed all the idols from the Cabaa "the black cubic room" and left the black stone in that room. The book of Hadith mentions also that Mohammed did kiss the black stone. Some of his followers did kiss the black stone also; he said: I am going to kiss it just because Mohammed kissed it. It means, he kissed it because Mohammed did, not because he believes that this stone has to be worship, it is mentioned in the book of Hadith.


The black stone that Muslims kiss at the front door of the black room that Muslims call Kabaa = [Kaaba] in Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

The black room that Muslims call Kabaa = [Kaaba] in Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Even Mohamed and his father use to worship the moon-god before Mohammed claimed that the angel Gabriel papered to him and inspired him to issue or to write the quran, [as he claimed]. Muslims claim that Mohammed was illiterate, he didn't write the quran; he said the word and his followers wrote it, [as he claimed]. Muslims have a great respect for the moon; they did complain when the Americans stepped on the moon years ago, they considered it as disrespect to their ideology.

Moreover, NASA [United States of America] been on the moon or stepping on the moon contradicts the quran because it is mentioned in the quran that no one can leave the earth's atmosphere.




Originally, Muslims including Mohammed and his father [Abed Allah iben abou abed al-motaleb] were worshiping Allah the supreme god of idols in Kaaba, therefore Mohamed father's name was [Abed allah], the word [Abed] means [slave], the word [Abed allah] means [the slave of allah]. The word [iben] means [son of], the word [abou] means [father of], the word [al-motaleb] is the name of Mohamed's grandfather. It means we have the name of Mohammed including his last name, which are his father's name and his grandfather also. It reads in English [the slave of Allah, the son of the father of the slave of al-motaleb] it means Mohamed's father was worshipping a god that was called [al-motaleb] also, therefore the name of Mohammed's grand father is [abed al-motaleb] in English, [the slave of al-motaleb]. It is possible also, that [al-motaleb] was not an idol, he was a master, and Mohammed’s grandfather was his slave.

It means the people use to worship allah before Mohammed introduced Allah to the people of Quriash in Saudi Arabia during that era. So, it means, Allah wasn't something new to the people of that era after Mohammed claimed his revelation with the angel Gabriel [as the quran claims]. But did the angel Gabriel appeared to muhammad? I don't know, there is no proof the the angel Gabriel did appear to Muhammad. They believe that Mohammed has revelation with the angel Gabriel to kill those worship idols and to force the world to believe in Allah and himself as the messenger of Allah the creator of all. But; after Mohammed killed many of the idols-worshippers and destroy their idols in the Kaaba; he left one black stone in the Kaaba. Which, the Muslims still worshipping and kissing this black stone in the Kaaba in modern days of the twenty first century. The supreme god of idols is Allah, but Mohammed claimed Allah as the name of God, the creator of all.

It means, allah wasn't something new to the people of that era after Mohammed claimed his revelation with the angel Gabriel [as he claimed?]. They believe that Mohammed had revelation with the angel Gabriel and inspired him with the quran that commands to kill those worship idols and to force the world to believe in allah and himself as the messenger of allah the creator of all. But after mohamed killed many of the idols' worshippers and destroy their idols in the Kaaba; he left one black stone in the kaaba. The muslims still worshipping and kissing this black stone in the Kaaba in modern days of the twenty first century. It means before Angel Gabriel appeared to Mohamed, the muslims use to worship allah the supreme god of idols and moon-god. After mohamed' revelation with angel Gabriel, Mohammed kept the name allah as God the creator of all, and kept the crescent that refers to the moon-god also.

For more information, refer to page "Mohammed"

[Note: During Mohammed’s Islamic invasion against the idolaters in Saudi Arabia, Mohammed did kill the idols' worshippers and destroyed their idols in the Kabaa = [Kaaba] = [Cabaa] = [the cubic black room] in the city of Mekaa in Saudi Arabia. Mohammed did kill thousands of Jews, for example: the Jews of [Kaybar] the Jews of [Beni Nazir] and the Jews of [Beni Quriada]. Mohammed took their properties and their moneys = [gold and silver] and took their women, and exiled many of the land of Islam, which is Saudi Arabia.




Moslems = (Muslims) claimed they are related to Abraham through Ishmael, but there is no proof for such claim. Allah of the Muslims commands the Muslims to fight Jews but God of Abraham commands the Jews to kill the Canaanites [as the Torah claims]. Therefore, the claim that the Jews and Muslims are cousins is false. Abraham sent away his wife Hagar = (Hager) and his first born son Ishmael in the wilderness to please his first wife Sara = (Sarah) = (Sarai) = (Sera). Sarah would not accept the offspring of her husband Abraham to be mixed with Egyptian race. God didn’t like this idea, He accepted it but he promised Hager = (Hagar) that her son’s seed will be a great nation. Ishmael’s descendants are the Moslems = (Muslims) worldwide. However, informational, the two descendants became enemies. For more information about Ishmael’s descendants, refer to page Daughters of men / Giants or  Gog / Magog / Cain's race  or  Islam & the Bible

In reality and according the authentic Torah, not the modified Torah, Ishmael's descendants should be the chosen people instead Isaac's descendants because Ishmael is the firstborn of Abraham, not Isaac. Moslems = (Muslims) believe in Allah as the creator and God of Abraham. If they worship the same God and they are from the same offspring of Abraham, why they are killing the Jews, which are Abraham's descendants?


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Did Cain kill his brother, who are the Canaanites and why Canaan was invaded? Who are the daughter of men and the giants? Who had entered the Promised Land? Did God permit the Jews to conquer the Canaanites lands? Did God permit the Hebrew to conquer the Canaanites lands or just to refuge in it?

Are the giants the descendants of Cain and Esau? For more information about the "peaceful" Torah, Jesus' gospel, the Promised Land, Ishmael, Isaac, Esau, the daughters of men, and the giants, refer to page "Giants" and page "Gog and Gog / Cain's race", and page "Ishmael / Isaac".

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Biblical references about the word "star" and "David" 

Jesus Christ is the offspring of David and the Morning star

The book of Revelation tells us that Jesus Christ is offspring of David and the mooring star. It reads: [16 I Jesus = (Yeshua) have sent my angel, to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the root and stock of David, the bright and morning star,] Revelation 22:16. The word David and word star are mentioned in the same passage.

In the following passage, the star is the angel of the church. It reads: [20 the mystery of the seven stars, which thou saw in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches. And the seven candlesticks are the seven churches,] Revelation 1:20.

In the following passage, the word "David" and the word "lion of the tribe of Judah" are mentioned. It reads: [5 and one of the ancients said to me: Weep not; behold the lion of the tribe of Juda = (Judah), the root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof,] Revelation 5:5.

In the following passage, the word "star" is mentioned as the twelve stars on the woman's head, Mary the mother of Jesus. It reads: [1 And a great sign appeared in heaven: A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars: 2 And being with child, she cried travailing in birth, and was in pain to be delivered,] Revelation 12:1 to 2.

In the following passage, the word "star" is identified as the morning star that shall be given to that overcomes and keep Jesus' works into the end. It reads: [26 And he that shall overcome, and keep my works unto the end, I will give him power over the nations. 27 And he shall rule them with a rod of iron, and as the vessel of a potter they shall be broken, 28 As I also have received of my Father: and I will give him the morning star. 29 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches,] Revelation 2:26 to 28.

In the following passage, the morning star is Lucifer that exalted his throne above the stars of God. The passage reads: [How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, who didst rise in the morning? how art thou fallen to the earth, that didst wound the nations? 13 And thou saidst in thy heart: I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God, I will sit in the mountain of the covenant, in the sides of the north.

Note: [Other translation say: How art thou fallen from heaven "sky", O " the flourishing morning star" how art thou fallen to the earth, that didst wound the nations?

Finally: The star in the book of Revelation refers to heavenly reward. Jesus said: I shall give him the morning star, the same as I receive from my Father. However, the star Remphen of the Hebrews that use to worship or the month Remdan or Ramadan that the Muslims fast are not the same that Jesus spoke of. However, I believe that the Muslims took the name Remphen or Remden from the Hebrew people and started to use it as Ramadan's month for fasting.