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Politicians, Religions, Bribery & Oil


These hungry children were left to die; they are waiting for God to feed them? Their leaders are occupied selling their oils to buy weapons to kill infidels. The authorities of these hungry people refused the western supports to feed their hungry children because they are infidels = [Christians]. However, these authorities [or the terrorists] invaded many nations and looted their moneys, properties, weapon, gold, and silver. These terrorists kept the looted properties without thinking that the moneys, gold, and silver, and women that they have looted are from infidels. The infidels' treasures are lawful to them as long it is looted from non-muslims during their religious war "jihad". However, the looted goods are not lawful when it is offered through western humanitarian organizations. The reason those muslim extremists refused western humanitarian helps because it will show the poor Muslims the good deeds of Christianity. According to Islam, Judaism & Christianity are considered infidels and shouldn't mingle with the muslim populations. The quran demands not to be friends with Jews & Christians.


koran = (quran)'s passage reads: [O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely allah does not guide the unjust people. koran = (quran) (sourat almaida 5:51)]


When the koran = (quran) commands the believers in allah to kill those that don't believe in allah Quran (sourat altawba 9:5) and Quran (sourat altawba 9:29), it means the believers are judging sinners instead of God. And if the believers kill sinners in the name of allah, the believers that killed sinners become sinners also because they killed people. God judges sinners, it is not our job to judge people. We all sinned and we are not perfect. The judge has to be perfect without sin, God is sinless and perfect. Are you perfect and without sin to condemn people to death for their transgressing??

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Killing people in the name of allah is permitted, but feeding their hungry children with the oil-moneys is not possible. It is the religion of peace, as they have claimed.