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Parables & Reminders

We would like to remind you that God will judge people according to his law, not to their faith alone. If you have received teachings by the protestant church that "once saved is always saved" will insure your salvation for eternity while you still under temptation on this planet earth, this teaching is false. God shall judge people according the His that is in the Ark of the Covenant. For more information, refer to page "Saved". Read the following scripture from the book of Revelation:

[The temple of God was opened in heaven: and the ark of His testament was seen in His temple, and there were lightning, and voices, and an earthquake, and great hail, Revelation 11:19.]

According to your religion: If you are worshipping god that commands you to kill sinners & those that don't follow him, it means you are worshipping bloody & violent god = Satan = Devil = Lucifer = Shaitan = Iblis. Why I am saying this?

Well, God the Creator doesn't need you to judge his people, he created them and he does not need you because you are one of his creations. You are weak, foolish, make mistakes and a SINNER. How a sinner can judge another sinner or a person. Since when the Creator needs his creature to help him to judge people or to get help for other things? Never. The god that commands you to kill or to fight people in your books is the devil = satan, not God the Creator that Jesus spoke of.

I base my saying according to Jesus' word. Jesus came for sinner to save them trough repentance, not to command people to kill each others. Jesus said: How could a blind lead another blind, both will fall in the ditch? Moreover, how a sinner could judge another sinner, both have sinned? When the Pharisees were stoning an adulterer woman, Jesus told them, anyone of you without sin, let him trough the first stone. Then, they stopped stoning the woman and left.  

Are there gods that have mighty power to judge and to create? No, there is one perfect and loving God only; He has power to create, judge through righteousness, He forgives through repentance; and He is the Creator of all. There are four different categories of people. The first category believes, worships, and obey God's the Creator. The second category invented its own gods ignorantly to worship. The third category doesn’t believe in God's existence. The fourth category is about the ungodly that know God and deliberately reject Him for been righteous and peaceful. These ungodly people invited an imaginary god to deceive the people with and to achieve their politic and evil personal objectives.

God's Testament is in heaven to judge people accordingly.

God's Law is in the Ark of the Covenant in His temple in heaven to judge people accordingly, not for decoration. Don't depend on eternal security to obtain “salvation” as some churches teach. You can't obtain salvation without obeying God's Law. Salvation is a status that shall be obtained after passing God's judgment. You can't be saved while you still under temptation on this planet earth. For more information about salvation, refer to page "Are we saved".


Biblical Scriptures:

Matthew 9:11 to 13.
Jesus = (Yeshua) came to call the sinners, not the righteous, Matthew 9:11 to 13.
bullet Our heavenly Father forgives sins, Isaiah 55:6 to 8, Matthew 28:9 to 10, John 20:11 to 18, John 10 to 15. [Note: Isaiah = (Isaias) = (Yesha'yahu)]
bullet Repent and ask for pardon, Isaiah 55:6 to 8, Matthew 10:32
bullet Our heavenly Father forgives sins, Isaiah 55:6 to 8, Matthew 28:9 to 10, John 20:11 to 18.
bullet Jesus = (Yeshua) says: you shall be condemned if you call any one fool, Matthew 5:22 to 23.
bullet How can you ask for reward if you love the one who loves you, Matthew 5:46.
bullet God hides the word from the wise, Matthew 11:25.
bullet You know them by their fruits, Matthew 7:15 to 23.
bullet Not everyone says Lord; Lord shall go to heaven, Matthew 7:21 to 23.
bullet The greatest among us on earth and in heaven, Matthew 18:1 to 5, Mark 9:33 to 42.
bullet Be perfect, Matthew 5:38 to 48.
bullet For he is not against us, is for us, Mark 9:38 to 41.
bullet For he is not with me, is against me, Matthew 12:30.
bullet Be aware of evil, Matthew 7:14 to 23, Revelation 22:11 to 16.
bullet We are Jesus' = (Yeshua) disciples, Matthew 10:7 to 11, Mark 16:15 to 17, John 13:1 to 20.
bullet Be ready, Matthew 25:1 to 13.
bullet Whosoever shall not receive you, shake off the dusts off your feet and go, Matthew 10:14.
bullet Freely you received freely you shall give, Matthew 10:8.
bullet Be Humble, Matthew 18:1 to 5, Mark 9:34 to 37, John 13:1 to 20, James 4:10.
bullet Accept the young believers, Mark 9:42.
bullet Who ate bread with me, had lifted up his heel against me, John 13:18.
bullet Are we from the world, John 15:17 to 27.
bullet I was hungry did you come to me, said Jesus = (Yeshua), Matthew 25:35 to 46.
bullet Are we God's servants, Isaiah 55:7 to 24. [Note: Isaiah = (Isaias) = (Yesha'yahu)]
bullet Do not lie to the Holly spirit, Matthew 12:13.
bullet Jesus = (Yeshua) promised the righteous to be with him on his throne, Revaluation 3:19 to 22.
bullet Fear the Lord, Isaiah 33:5 to 6, Matthew 10:28.
bullet Our Lord God is above all god, Psalms 135:5.
bullet Confess me before men; I will confess you also before my Father, Matthew 10:32.
bullet Repent for the kingdom is at hand. Matthew 4:17.
  Dance and sing to the Lord, Psalms 98:1, Psalms 149:1 to 5, Psalms 150:1 to 6.