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Note about the Bible & the quran

The word ["Old testaments" and the word "New Testaments"] that are in this page and in this site are for identification only. In reality, there is one God, one Law "peaceful Torah" and Jesus' gospel that explain Jesus' ministry during Jesus' era. Jesus gospel isn't the New Testaments; it is the history of Jesus' ministry. Jesus warned us not to change one jot of God's Law that God announced to Moses. Therefore, we can't name Jesus' gospel "the New Testaments".  If we name Jesus' gospel a new testament, it means God erred in His Law that He announced to Moses.

However, God doesn't make mistake, neither Jesus make mistake. Therefore, God's Law of the Torah should peaceful because Jesus confirmed it. So, we are refusing to accept the violent Torah that we are reading now as authentic doctrine. 

The transgressors separated God's Word to two testaments (the Old and the New Testaments) to abolish God's Law. Paul abolished God's Law, and then the modern christian churches committed the same error because they follow Paul's teaching instead God's and Jesus' WORD. The Christians have agreed with this conversion to abolish God's Law because it makes it easier for them to flourish in sin. God's Word is not old or new, God's Word is peaceful that guide to righteousness. We can't disregard God's Law because it is "old" and because was spoken by His prophets thousands years ago. If you exclude God's Law because it was spoken years ago, God shall exclude your good deed that you did years ago also. Stop interpreting the scriptures according to your life's style.


The false apostle Paul said:

God's Commandments was put away for its unprofitable therefore, and through the Law, nothing is perfect, Hebrews 7:18 to 19.

Paul said: God's covenant is waxed old and it is vanished away, Hebrews 8:13.

Paul blasphemed God again, he said in Hebrews 8:7 God's Covenant has faults and for this reason God issued another covenant".

You can't sort God's Word between Old and New Testaments. Biblically, God's Law is perpetual = forever. Jesus said: heaven and earth will disappear, but, not one dot of God's can be abolished. It is true, God's Law will remain until God creates New Heaven and New Earth.

YOU shouldn't ever think to abolish God's Law, as Paul did.

We obey God's peaceful commandments that are in Torah. We don't obey the violent passages that are in the Torah  because it commands to kill people. 


Would you kill people because the Torah tells you so.

I don't because God doesn't command his people to kill. God commands us in the Ten Commandments, NOT TO KILL. The violent passages that are in the Torah were added to the Torah after Moses' era. Therefore, Jesus commanded us to obey God's Law of the Torah because it is peaceful and because he obeyed it also.

Modern Torah is not the same as Moses' Torah. Therefore, we are following Jesus' word and as Christians, we can't consider the modified Torah as part of Christianity because it contains commandments to kill people.

However, we believe in the Torah that Jesus spoke of and we consider it part of Christianity because it is peaceful.

We Love God and obey His Peaceful Law; we praise Jesus = (Yeshua) Christ = (Mashiach) = (Messiah) because he is worthy to be praised for his divine love to humanity and because he forgave our sins through his death on the cross. Jesus' death on the cross is the substitute for the sin's offering. The sin's offering wasn't abolished; it was replaced by Jesus' death on the cross. This component of God's Law remains active through Jesus' death on the cross. Therefore, no one can abolish God's Law through Jesusí sacrifice.

Jesus warned us not to revenge and not to be violent. Jesus didn't contradict God's Law; Jesus spoke well about God's Law that He announced to Moses, which confirms that God's Law doesn't contain any violence. Therefore, I am questioning if God's Law during Jesus' and during Paul's era was the same Law that is in the Torah of our modern days? No, it wasn't not the the same.


Do Christians believe in the quran?

No, they don't, the quran is a violent book, it commands to kill people. The quran is not the word of God that Jesus spoke of. The quran is the word of muhammad that he received from two people: "Waraka iben Nawfal" and "Raheb Bouhaira". These two peoples have knowledge about The Torah and Jesus' gospel. muhammad took many passages from the Torah and Jesus' gospel and modified them according to his needs to persuade his followers to kill Jews and Christians during his era. This type of deception remain until this day, and it is considered the most dangerous commandments = [false doctrines] ever existed, since God created this world.

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