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Christians' News

Muslims protest against the Pope in the Middle East and in Asia.

This page contains articles about forcing Christians to convert to Islam or death. Egyptian & Algerian muslims are killing Christians; they burnt churches in Egypt & Algeria and allover the world. 10 churches were burned in Nigeria by muslims, Bible's deformation by  King Henry the eighth, female circumcisions in Islam, homosexuality and lesbians, Da Vinci code, Gog and Magog = beast 666, Catholic and protestant churches not Christians, beheading people in the name of religion, 4 Christians girls" were massacred "beheaded" in Indonesia, Jews holocaust, pornography, and more. Nostra-Damus prophesied about Islam and Arabs.

Take note that we have no relations with the following addresses and texts. The are collected from worldwide international news.








Christians in Iran


1 - Christians news  




Video: Click this link to watch video:

"Christian girl is forced to convert to islam in Zunzibar Tanzania"


The source of the above video is from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9TZn1g2c-k&feature=channel 



Churches' Massacres in Kenya

Women/ female circumcisions     

Homosexuality and child abuses in Christian Catholic churches                                                                         

Homosexuality, child abuses, and lesbian in christian protestant churches

Eleven suspects in the slayings of three Christians at a publishing house in eastern Turkey " because it distributed Bibles".

Gog, and Magog will attack the Jews and the Christians SOON Copy from the CNN mews 8/19/06
Silent for 61 dead children in Sri Lanka, but complaints for Kana massacre / Messenger  8/16/06             
RE: Kana's forged massacre Messanger
Gog and Magog of the twentieth first century / Messenger 8/13/06  
Ottoman Turkey, Iran, and Syria persecute Christians + Jews Copy / Encyclopedia Wikipedia   8/12/06
Till heaven and earth disappear no one will get away from Godís law. / Messenger 7/12/06
The Catholic and the protestant Church are not Christians / Messenger 7/12/06
Flourishing in sin makes you lose salvation / Messenger 7/12/06
The Lord's Supper at the Catholic , Protestant church / Messenger 7/12/06
Women's persecutions in Christianity and in other religions / You must be over 18 years old to visit this page; copied from http://www.maldivesroyalfamily.com/opinion_maldives_universal_declaration_of_human_rights_banned.shtml
You must be over 18 years old to visit this page Teen in USA raped his mother Copy from CNN news ( / Messenger) 6/22/06
Paul is not of Jesus' = (Yeshua) disciples and he is false apostle / Messenger  6/5/06                                                            
Da Vinci Code is nothing / Messenger  5/29/06
Re: Da Vinci Code,  Mary Magdalene = (Magdalen) is not a sinner / Messenger 6/26/06
The persecutions of Jesus' = (Yeshua) disciples / Messenger (copy from all about Jesus = (Yeshua) = 5/26/06
Da Vinci code secret / Messenger (copy from CNN news) 5/24/06
Atheist sues for proof of Jesus = (Yeshua) / Messenger (copy from CNN news) 5/24/06
Anti-pornography in Indonesia / Messenger (Copy from CNN news) 5/21/06
Church shooting / Messenger (copy from CNN news) 5/21/06
Nostradamus prophecies (English + French) about Christians' persecutions
The lost books of the bible + Qumran manuscripts / Messenger 4/30/06
11 million people killed during the Holocaust / Messenger  (copy from  4/25/06
international religious freedom / Messenger 4/25/06
Egypt's Persecuted Christians copy from  www.jubileecampaign.co.uk/ 4/14/06
The history of the Coptic Church in Egypt Copy from www.touregypt.net  4/14/06
Egyptian kills one, wounds 12 Christians Copy from the daly star 4/14/06
More Than 50 Christians were Killed Over muslim Cartoons / Messenger 3/5/06
Re: More Than 50 Christians were Killed Over muslim Cartoons / Messenger 3/7/06
Re: More Than 50 Christians were Killed Over muslim Cartoons / Messenger 3/9/06
Persecution of Christians in the Islamic World / Messenger 3/5/06


Another Catholic died in Northern Ireland Copy from www.s-t.com 2/26/03
Abortion, what the American Bush said about abortion / Messenger  2/16/03
Protestant Church blocked a public road where Catholic children use it toÖ. Copy from BBC News (UK) Nothren Ireland 1/6/03
Catholic Church deprive patients to abortion but Canadian Abortion rights action league and... Copy from CTV Canadian News  1/6/03
Shortage of Priests in Catholic Churches in Canada the source is from CTV Canadian News  1/6/03
(Elvis music is is back in church) Elvis-impersonating preacher rocks music Ont. church Copy fom CTV Canadian News  1/6/03
Pope plea for peace in Christmas message Copy from CTV Canadian news  1/6/03
French Canadian cult cloned first human baby, Catholic Church conmdems it Copy from CTV Canadian News  12/28/02
3 girls died in attack on Christian church in Pakistan Copy of Ctv television Cnadain news   12/28/02
Re: Christmas day, 3 girls died in attack on Christian church in Pakistan Copy of Ctv television Cnadian news   12/28/02  12/28/02
10 churches were burned in Nigeria by moslems = (muslims) extremists Ctv television News Canada  (copy)  11/22/02
Ten Commandments monument in the rotunda of Alabama's judicial building violates the constitution's ban on government promotion of religion / Messenger (copy from CNN news) 11/18/02
Mr. Moore defends church link Messenger (copy from www.montgomeryadvertiser.com) 11/18/02
Mr. Moore: Wants to restore moral foundation of law (Ten Commandments) / Messenger (copy from www.al.com/news/) 11/18/02
Ten Commandments shall be be removed by Alabama court house of America / Messenger (copy from ReligionLink) 11/18/02
Protestant church's founded through Henry the eighth king of England, he separated the Church of England from Catholic, he married 6 and killed 2 of his wives / Messenger  11/9/02
(Bible's deformation) King Henry the eighth reformed his own church to divorce his wife to get married with 6 women, he killed / Messenger  11/9/02
I am God, said John mohammed after killing 11 persons in the USA the source is from the CTV news  11/2/02
America is falling (judges  refused that  America is under God) P L E D G E   O F   A L L E G I A N C E   U P D A T E 10/25/02
Algeria Islamic fanatic killed at least 30 people and wounded 36 Copy from CTV Canadian television news 10/25/02
Missing Children (pictures) Brother / Messenger  10/22/02
Australia said: moslems = (muslims) extremis killed 182 westerns tourists buned to death alive, most of the dead are from Australia. CTv  Canadian Television news  10/19/02
Christians kill people also www.ctv.ca/servlet/ (television news) 10/19/02
Pipe bomb into garden of Catholic home http://torsten.blogspot.com/  10/19/02
Million incidents when Christians kill his Christians brethrens Copy from search.sli.sympatico  10/19/02
Protestant gunman kill Catholic Postman Copy from: http://senrs.com/protestant_gunmen_kill_catholic_postman.htm - 21k -  10/19/02
British protestants killed 27 and injured 200 copy from  www.terrorism.com/cgi-bin/wwwboard5/messages/912.html  10/19/02
3000 Christians died by other Christians in Ireland saying: (next time you kill someone think that Jesus = (Yeshua) didn't die in vain) Copy from www.writewell.narod.ru/next_time_you_kill_somebody_just.htm 10/19/02
missing little boy need your help / Messenger  10/18/02
Why moslems = (muslims) hate Christians and Jews? copy from progigal_01@yahoo.com 10/14/02
Why moslems = (muslims) hate Christians and Jews? Yes, I am praying for the moslems = (muslims) / Messenger  10/14/02
Afghanistan ruling Taleban arrested two Christians preachers (copy from CTV news) 10/14/02
Bush speech about religions and politics (copy from CTV news) 10/14/02
Pakistan kills thousand of Christians (copy from CTV news) 10/14/02
Indonesia killed thousand of Christians last year (Copy fro CTV news) 10/14/02
Pakistan killed 16 Christians (Copy from CTV News) 10/14/02
Pakistan killed 4 and wounded 42 Christians (Copy from CTV news) 10/14/02
33 pilgrims Christians died in bus crash in Mexico (Copy from CTV news) 10/14/02
9 Colombia's 38-year-old civil war with Roman Catholic  led to Church attack today (Copy from CTV News) 10/14/02
John Paul urges Catholic youth to forgive (Copy from CTV news) 10/14/02
they killed eight Christians in Beirut university (Copy from CTV news) = 10/14/02
Pakistan killed six Christians children (Copy from CTV news) 10/14/02
Jehovah witness girl died refusing blood transfusion (copy from CTV news) 10/14/02
4560 links speak about moslems = (muslims) killing thousand of Christians in Indonesia) (copy from Yahoo.com search) = 10/14/02
Indonesian moslems = (muslims) killed thousand of Christians (Copy from religious tolerance) 10/14/02
Indonesia Jakarta moslems = (muslims) killed 40 Christians Copy from religious tolerance 10/14/02
picture of persecuted Christians in Egypt (copy from copts.net) 10/14/02
persecuted Christians in Egypt (Copy from Copt .net) 10/14/02
in Pakistan 7 Christians workers died CTV news (copy) 10/14/02
I am God, sniper said in Washington-area / Messenger  10/14/02
I am God, said John mohammed after killing 11 persons in Washington-area the source is from CTV news  11/2/02
Canadians may have been killed in the bomb blasts on the Indonesian island / Messenger  10/14/02
Pakistan John 10/10/02
Re: Pakistan Messenger 10/10/02
Re: Pakistan, hundreds of links about Pakistan persecuting Christians Messenger  10/10/02
Re: Pakistan  up dated Oct 8 2002 / Messenger  10/10/02

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2 - God and religions:


Why Islam rejects Judaism, Christianity, and the western world?

Why the Jews reject Islam and Christianity, and why the Torah contains violent commandments?

Refer to page "Islamic and bible verses" and page "Ishmael and Isaac"


Why the Christian churches are welcoming all mankind from all religions including atheists?

Why all religions refuse Christianity, but Christianity accept them? In exception of the protestants that are killing the Catholics in Northern Island in the name of religions.

Do you recognize the violence of religions?


Are the Jews, Christians, and the Muslims worshiping the same God? If they are worshipping the same God, why God of the Christians love his enemies, but Allah of the Muslims and God of the Jews seek revenge to fight the enemies? Why God of the Jews commands the Jews to fight the Canaanites, and why Allah of the Muslim Canaanites commands Muslims to fight Jews and Christians? Something is wrong.