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[Note: the word "fight" or "fighting" in most verses in Arabic version is "kill" or "killing" or "slay"]

Note: The koran = (quran) contains unreadable letters and words in the beginning of most of its chapters. Even moslem = (muslim) scholars don't know the meaning of those letters and words. Some believe that those letters are codes.

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Chapter 62, Sourat Aljoumaa (The Congregation)

[62.4] That is allah's grace; He grants it to whom He pleases, and allah is the Lord of mighty grace.

[62.5] The likeness of those who were charged with the Taurat, then they did not observe it as an ass = (donkey) bearing misery books in likeness of the people who reject the communications of allah; and allah does not guide the unjust people.

[62.6] Say: O you who are Jews, if you think that you are the favorites of allah to the exclusion of other people, then invoke death If you are truthful.