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Islamic statistic


Islam is a major world religion, with more than one billion followers, including six million in the United States. Does this statistic make Islam the best religion in the world? Unfortunately, NO, Islam is been exposed around the world as the most violent religion. Terrorists are the cause of this exposing because they are using passages from the Quran to kill people that don't convert to Islam. Moreover, many Muslim teachers are teaching the Quran on the Internet, in mosques, and in Islamic school to stay away from non-Muslims because they are [kafer] = infidels and blasphemers. Moreover, the world has an opportunity to read the Quran and found Islam is a violent religion according to the scriptures in the Quran.


For example:

References from the Quran of Islam (sourat altawba 9:29) commands to fight those that don't believe in Allah and Prophet Mohammed and (sourat altawba 9:5) command to kill the idolaters anywhere; there are many passages that demand to kill non-Muslims in the Quran, but I think these two passages are sufficient to take a brief idea about this religion. I could be wrong BUT these passages and other passages from the Quran can't be wrong.


Based on year 2007 statistic:

The fifth largest muslim nations is Indonesia (180 million),

Pakistan (125 million),

Bangladesh (109 million),

India (84 million)

Iran (66 million).

Further on down the list, 12th through 15th in size are Sudan and Afghanistan (22 million)

Iraq (20 million)

Saudi Arabia (19 million).