Bible Study 2: If we are worshipping god that commands us to kill, it means you are worshipping bloody and violent god. Are there gods that have mighty power to judge and to create? No, there is one perfect and loving God only; He has power to create, judge through righteousness, He forgives through repentance; and He is the Creator of all. There are four different categories of people. The first category believes, worships, and obey God's the Creator. The second category invented its own gods ignorantly to worship. The third category doesn’t believe in God's existence. The fourth category is about the ungodly that know God and deliberately reject Him for been righteous and peaceful. These ungodly people invited an imaginary god to deceive the people with and to achieve their politic and evil personal objectives.

God's Law is in the Ark of the Covenant in His temple in heaven to judge people accordingly, not for decoration. Don't depend on eternal security to obtain “salvation” as some churches teach. You can't obtain salvation without obeying God's Law. Salvation is a status that shall be obtained after passing God's judgment. You can't be saved while you still under temptation on this planet earth. For more information about salvation, refer to page "Are we saved".


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How God judges people? According to the bible, God judges according to His Law, and in according for God to judge His people He must show them evidence that they transgressed His Word. And according to show them their transgressing, He has to show them the commandments that He gave to them through Moses. 


God’s peaceful Law achieves Love, unity, and peace; religions and violent doctrines cause divisions and wars

God's peaceful Law is obedience, not religion

Obey God's peaceful Law, not religion

Why the Torah and other religious books contain violent commandments? Should we obey them?

If Jesus spoke peacefully about the Torah, why the Torah contains violent commandments?

Read the biblical prophecy about the judgment day: [The temple of God was opened in heaven: and the ark of His testament was seen in His temple, and there were lightning, and voices, and an earthquake, and great hail, Revelation 11:19. ]

Jesus = (Yeshua) said to her: I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, although he be dead, shall live: And every one that liveth, and believeth in me, shall not die for ever. Believest thou this, John 11:25 to 26. The word "never die" means you will not go to hell, which is the second death, = "spiritually dead". To believe in Jesus you have to believe in his word, and his word is to obey God's Law, not Paul's, Matthew 5: 17 to 19.

The unbelievers and the lawless believers "saved through heresies" shall be judged according to God's Law as well, Isaiah 24:5 to 23, Deuteronomy 1:16 to 18.

We shall be judged according to God's Law and to our works, not to our faith alone. The following scriptures are God's Word. If those scriptures don't open your mind to fulfill righteousness and to increase your good deeds toward your salvation, it means that you have a huge deception's problem.




Pray to God without ceasing for the truth, and to break the curse of delusion and satan's deceptions.

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