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 Alninio  / Almunia / Almin-ia,


During the twentieth century, the world's climate was distorted through the phenomenal of Alminio or Alminia or Alminai. Warm weather becomes cold and hot weather become freezing and freezing becomes hot. Scientists are blaming this phenomenal on pollutions and global warming. I believe it is the right time to convert our energies to hydrogen. Depending on Muslim countries' oil must end, not just to protect our planet; it is to protect our lives and our faith. The terrorists are using our dollars to kill us.


Almunia is a city in Spain, and "Almi - nia" is a city in north of Lebanon, And "Almi - na" is another city in north Lebanon also, and Almunia is a name of Joaquín Almunia “EU Commissioner.


Before you read this page, I would like to illustrate your attention about the word Alminai and Alminia. During the twentieth century the world's climate was distorted through the phenomenal of Alminio or Alminia. For more information, refer to page Visions column 18.


La Almunia de San Juan is 464 km from Madrid Spain or 217 Km from Toulouse France. It means Almunia is near the southern boarder of France. It is about 208 Km from Barcelona. It means it is near the Mediterranean Sea.

































If God meant Almunia in Spain, what will happen in that area?

It would be an Islamic religious war “jihad” to kill Christians to invade Spain, France, and all Europe.

For sure, the Islamic revolution must overwhelm Spain before they invade France, unless, the terrorists would come from France first and other forces from Morocco and Algeria to back them up. There are six millions moslems = (muslims) in France. If my prediction ever fulfilled, a World War III will take place in those countries.



The Islamic revolution is led by the Islamic republic of Iran. The Islamic republic of Iran is seeking to control the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Spain. The moslems = (muslims) call Spain “Alandalus”. The moslems = (muslims) did invade Spain in the tenth century and want to revive this invasion in 2008. Would they succeed? If they ever succeed, they would invade France and then they would takeover Europe including Russia. The Russians are helping Iran to establish the Islamic republic to force all Arab nations to unite to destroy America, Israel, and the Christian world. But Russia doesn’t distinguish the Arab barbarian invasion against Europe including the North American and the Southern American nations.


Spain is near Morocco and Algeria toward the south, few kilometres from Morocco to Spain crossing the Mediterranean Sea.





















Would the Islamic republic of Iran "muslim Shiites" or Bin Ladin = [Bin Laden] = [Ben Ladin] = [Ben Laden] is Sunni Muslim throw the bomb in the Mediterranean Sea before invading Europe and the countries that are in the southern side toward the Middle East as Lebanon, Israel, and Egypt?


Will an atomic explosion deteriorate Europe and the Middle Eastern? Yes, therefore, Iran "Muslim shiites terrorists" is making a nuclear bomb, and the "muslim sunnis terrorists of Bin Ladin" are making something also. Both terrorist groups 'gangs" are fighting each other about the final lootings. Who will snatch the treasures first. No one.


Read why, in my previous vision, the Mediterranean Sea level will rise around Cyprus Island, then; will weaken toward the shores of Middle East & Europe, "especially Israel".


There is a possibility; Iran will make mistake dropping the bomb in the sea instead Israel. It is possible; Iran will drop the bomb in the Sea intentionally to frighten those countries, which oblige them to surrender to the Islamic republic. If Iran will drop the bomb on Israel, the Iranian Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon and the Palestinians terrorist will be killed also. There are about one million Iranian terrorists of Hezbollah in Lebanon that detest the sunni muslims and the Christians according to the koran = (quran)’s commandments. If those countries will be effected by the nuclear radiations, the sunni muslims or the Iranians will not be able to live in those countries; it will take them more than 100 years to clean those countries and to hospitalize the people from the nuclear radiations.


One of these gangs will drop the bomb in the Mediterranean Sea to scare those countries to surrender. However, the European and the Middle eastern countries will not surrender to the Islam violence; therefore, this attack will trigger the World War III. If the bomb is dropped near Cyprus, the islamic countries will be destroyed with Greece also. If the bomb is dropped around Malta, all the shores of Europe and the Middle East will be destroyed.























The source of Europe map is from http://www.worldatlas.com/aatlas/infopage/medsea.htm


I didn’t have any observation toward the west, which contradicts my prediction about Almunia in Spain. It is possible; they would drop the bomb near Cyprus and Israel before they invade Spain toward Europe because Europe “especially Spain” is on their agenda for centuries also. Alminia city exists in northern Lebanon also. There was a battle between moslem = (muslim) terrorists in “Naher Albared” area five kilometres from Alminia city north of Lebanon toward the Syrian boarder. Usually, the Syrians militias refuge in the northern areas of Lebanon also. Smuggling weapons and terrorists from Syria to the Iranian militias of Hezbollah in Lebanon is on daily basis routines. Moreover, we shouldn't forget the sunni muslims terrorists of Bin Ladin; they are doing the same thing.


How the lawless Lebanese people survive?


Smuggling drugs, hash, cocaine, heroin, crack cocaine, counterfeit moneys, fraud, exploiting women, men, male & female children in prostitutions network are major financial incomes. Homosexuality & lesbians on daily basis in that section of the world is a culture and a wonderful precious habit for poor and rich people.






Almunia is a city in Spain, and a city in Lebanon, and is a name of Joaquín Almunia “EU Commissioner


European finance is collapsing, said EU Commissioner Joaquín Almunia.


Updated Oct 10 08


http://www.europa-eu-un.org/articles/en/article_6948_en.htm wrote


"The euro and the dollar - pillars in global finance" - Speech by EU Commissioner Almunia

Summary: "The euro and the dollar - pillars in global finance" - Speech by EU

Europe and the United States share a joint responsibility to lead in the creation of an efficient and safe global financial system.

Commissioner Almunia (17 April 2007: New York)









Speech by Joaquín Almunia, European Commissioner

Relevance of European Financial Integration for the US market

Before concluding, let me touch upon the relevance of European financial integration to the United States and the rest of the world. The scale of financial flows around the world leaves us in no doubt about the interdependencies that now exist in the global financial system. I began by saying that the US and Europe are the two dominant players. This is confirmed by simply looking at the scale of financial flows between the two economies.

Let me quote just a few statistics: the US and EU account for a combined 80% of all foreign direct investment in the world, 80% of the international debt securities market and 65% of the cumulative international equity issuance since 1987.

Regarding the interdependent relationship between the US and the euro area, the geographical breakdown of the euro area's international investment position illustrates that the respective bilateral shares of FDI investment of the US and the euro area were about 20%. And the scale of cross-border holdings is impressive. Euro area investors held US equities and debt securities with a value of over 1.3 trillion euro at the end of 2005, about one third of all foreign securities holdings in the euro area.

For these reasons European financial integration is not a local matter. The factors driving integration in European financial markets - such as liberalised capital movements, advances in information technology and innovation in financial products and techniques - are also at play at the global level.

In a context of global financial integration, adopting rules and standards that suit Europe or the US alone cannot be the objective. If the benefits of global financial integration are to be exploited fully, we must take into account how our European rules and standards interact with those elsewhere. Similarly, the US authorities must bear this global dimension in mind, as they seek to manage the development of their domestic financial market.

With this need for global consistency in mind, the importance of a productive EU-US financial regulatory dialogue should be clear to all. Here the recent initiative for a transatlantic economic partnership has the potential to give new impetus to transatlantic economic cooperation.


Ladies and Gentlemen, let me conclude. In Europe, we have been pioneers in the field of international financial integration for more than two decades. But our task is far from complete. While the euro has taken its place alongside the dollar as a pillar of global finance, the single European currency is not yet underpinned by a true single European financial market. I believe that we have much to learn from the success of US financial markets, which continue to dominate the international financial system. However, I believe that the US markets may have a few things to learn from Europe's experience too. What is certain is that cooperation is crucial, because Europe and the United States share a joint responsibility to lead in the creation of an efficient and safe global financial system.

Thank you for your attention and enjoy the Conference.




Speech by Joaquín Almunia, European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, "The euro and the dollar - pillars in global finance", Federal Reserve Bank of New York and European Commission, New York




Adds comments on economy, coordination)


MADRID, Oct 9 2008 (Reuters) - Recession may become the main scenario for Europe going forward and coordinated monetary policy and rescue plans are the way ahead in the banking crisis, EU Monetary Affairs Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said on Thursday.

"The risk of recession, unfortunately, might become the central scenario," Almunia told a conference in Madrid at which he said the solvency of the world financial system was in question.

"When necessary we have to recapitalize banks, use rescue plans and ask central banks to keep acting in a coordinated fashion in monetary policy and liquidity provision, so the system can start working again," he added later.

Major central banks cut interest rates by up to half a percentage point on Wednesday in a coordinated attempt to shunt the world's developed economies out of a financial crisis brought on by toxic assets and a collapse of trust among banks.

The commission's leading official on economy, Almunia said volatility in financial markets remains extraordinarily high despite a series of government bank bailouts, mergers and systemic rescues like the Paulson plan.

He said the crisis is hitting the euro zone's real economy, creating high levels of uncertainty after nearly all second half economic indicators were negative.

But he said he saw government bank interventions as temporary and did not expect savers in any country to face an outright bank collapse, which would be covered by euro zone bank deposit guarantees.

"This is an instrument that solves a problem but it's not going to be used," he said of the guarantees.