I seen Jesus = (Yeshua) 2 times and felt him touch me 2 times !!!


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From: Kim
Date: 2/25/04
Time: 1:13:52 PM
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Hi my name is Kim, I was on the verge of suicide 6 moths ago and while I was in bed with my ex boyfriend I saw Jesus' = (Yeshua) face and I felt him touch my head, this sent cold shivers through my whole body! I was scared because I didn't know what was happening, then I seen Jesus = (Yeshua) again a minute later and he touched me again I cried uncontrollably, I thought I was going crazy, but now I realize how he was trying to tell me to come to him and not to any other guy because I need Jesus = (Yeshua) in my life to heal me and help me, 6 moths later I am doing much better and not suicidal any longer thank God!!!!!!!!