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From: Angela miller
Date: 11/26/03
Time: 12:46:12 PM
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I am 15 right now and I got saved in April. well anyways here is my story. when I was little I was getting into things a lot. and as I grew up I didn't know this but satan was tarring my life apart. Well as I got older I was totally controlled by satan. Well I met some people and they were cutters. and they got me into cutting and by cutting on myself I got put in a hospital 8 times! woo. well then I went home I got in a argument with my step dad and I broke his ribs in three places and I got put in a foster home. And I am still in that foster home. and there was this 22 year old girl that lives there and is on fire for Jesus = (Yeshua) totally! and I got to get to know her and she got me into God! and I love her for that. and one day when Becky told me that I should pray up in my room. I went up there and I prayed for Jesus = (Yeshua) to come into my heart and at that time I really felt just like the holy spirit was in me and heeling me. god is so remarkable because he has changed my like around so much it is amazing. well that's why I am a true Christian