I am seeing Jesus = (Yeshua) in my internal vision, I got the job and I start tomorrow


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From: Jan (c/o Messenger
Date: 1/7/03
Time: 7:52:37 PM
Remote Name:


Jan wrote to Messenger 1/7/03

Dear Messenger Jan 7 2003

And the blessings continue - I just found out that I got the job I applied for in December and start tomorrow.

It is a job that I am interested in and trained to do, so I am immensely happy at the benevolence of Our Lord Jesus = (Yeshua) for giving it to me. Plus Sture is getting even more work and things seem to be even better than ever!

It is strange as I am seeing Jesus = (Yeshua) in my internal vision and He is so large - I have to look way up to see His face. I am not sure what this means, but it gives me great peace and joy!

Thank you again for your prayers