Both prayers were answered!  I feel like I am living in a miracle zone


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From: Fran (c/o Messenger
Date: 1/1/03
Time: 7:26:05 PM
Remote Name:


Jan 1 2003

Dear Brother / Mesenger

We intended to spend a quiet New Year's Eve and to look after my grandson so that my daughter could go out.

She phoned at 3:00 a.m. crying that someone stole her purse including the keys to her car and house.

She hadn't seen her spare keys for some time and believed that they were lost and so she was filled with despair.

I drove to Calgary to pick her up and took her to her house. On the way we prayed that she would be able to get into her home through a window and that the lost keys would be immediately found.

Both prayers were answered! I feel like I am living in a miracle zone, where all prayers seem to be answered in a positive way.

Please say a prayer for those people who are committing these crimes that the Lord will give them a lively conscience and that the demons that are involved in their lives are driven away.

I pray for their souls and offer them up to the Lord so they may received the graces necessary to lead a Christian life and to become firmly entrenched on the road to Heaven. Amen.

The best wishes for the New Year and blessings in abundance.

"Jan" <>