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I saw a river of light that was flowing from the sky to me


From: Jan (c/o Messenger
Date: 1/1/03
Time: 7:22:47 PM
Remote Name:


Dec 31 2002

Dear Messenger

Yesterday I had the most extraordinary experience.

I saw a river of light that was flowing from the sky to me. I was shown that this river of light is the prayers of God's people coupled with the blessings from Our Lord. I was shown that this river is pure love and that it goes both ways - to the people who are being prayed for and for the initiator of the prayers.

This vision showed me in such a concrete way that prayer is very real that blessings from Heaven do come to us when we pray and are prayed for.

Another miracle happened this morning - I was contemplating our extreme poverty and I was thanking Him for my home, family and even critters (2 cats and a dog), and even this terrible time we are going through.

Once again heard the words "believe beyond belief" and shortly afterwards the phone rang and it was a job for my husband. I "felt" Jesus = (Yeshua) smile at me!

Even though things have been tough and the stress and anxiety have been acute at times, I fell that this is a very special time.

A time where the workings of the Lord are seen clearly and that my husband, whose faith is pretty new, is seeing God in a new and special way. Perhaps that is the reason for all of this, I do not know. To teach him that God is in the driver's seat and is in control of everything in our lives.

We still aren't out of the woods yet but through prayers of His people and through our little faith, I believe that things will turn around and we will see the Glory of God in our lives.

Thank you

"Jan" <>