A check arrived in the mail for $450.00 and my sister sent me $100.00 and some good people in the dollar ministry sent me some cash.

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From: Jan  (c/o Messenger
Date: 12/26/02
Time: 8:15:04 PM
Remote Name:


Dec 26 2002 Jan wrote to Messenger

Dear Messenger

It was very strange, throughout December I kept hearing these words over and over again "believe beyond belief". I had no idea why I was hearing them and on December 24th a (che -ck) arrived in the mail for $450.00 and my sister sent me $100.00 and some good people in the dollar ministry sent me some cash.

As well, on December 23rd I had to go for a job interview - I was told on the 24th that this company wants to test me further on my computer skills on January 3rd.

This job is an agency placement and the agency was quite excited about this as it is an indication that they are quite interested in me.

The sweetest part of this story is on the 23rd I told my daughter that things were really bad and that I needed prayers. She and my 10 year old grandson prayed for my finances. On the 24th when they came back and that (che -ck) was in the mail, my grandson was dancing all over the house - God had heard his prayer! I have never seen him so excited like this before! In my heart I believe that his little prayers and his great faith brought this miracle to my door!

My daughter provided Christmas dinner this year and my mom came down as well to share our meager dinner and it turned out to be a feast! A feast in joyous celebration that God is here with us this day and that He loves us so very much that He sent His only Son to die for us.

Although we are not out of the woods yet, we still require your prayers. I just wanted to tell you that miracles are starting to happen!


Jan occ@shaw.ca


Dec 23 2002 Jan wrote to Brother Messenger

Dear Brother Messenger

I keep hearing these words "believe beyond belief" over and over again. I do not know what is in store for me, but with these words I see a great promise from God. Perhaps my faith is going through the ultimate test, I do not know. I am having problems with the anxiety and panic that keeps creeping into my heart to keep it at bay and to focus totally on Jesus = (Yeshua) . I wake up panic stricken in the middle of the night and have a great deal of problems to calm myself and to again focus on Our Lord.

I am placing my life upon the Lord and hoping always in Him. I say "I believe, I believe, I believe and I trust I trust I trust" over and over again. I feel the Spirit of God as He is near me and I am comforted by His presence.

Please pray for my faith to be elevated to a higher degree and also for my husband, whose faith is shattered. He is so low right now and it will take a great miracle to bring him to see God's works in his life and to believe and trust implicitly in Him. I want to bring my husband to God and for him to see the love that God has for him.

Thank you for your prayers and may the Lord bring you peace and joy in this time of Jesus = (Yeshua) .

Jan occ@shaw.ca>


Dec 23 2002

Jan wrote to Brother Messenger


Please pray for our financial situation that the Lord will grant us an abundance of work so that we can earn our daily bread. We are broke and may end up on the street as we do not have the funds to pay the rent, nor pay our bills.

Also, please pray for my faith to be elevated and the faith of my husband to be restored. The Lord is good and through His love and mercy we will survive this terrible time. Thank you

Jan occ@shaw.ca>