I am feeling the Spirit of Our Lord right now - He has come over me reading the words



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From: Jan (c/oMessenger) =
Date: 12/3/02
Time: 11:14:39 PM
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Dear Brother Messenger Dec 3 2002

I am feeling the Spirit of Our Lord right now - He has come over me reading the words of His Faithful. I believe that a miracle is on the way and I am very excited about it.

I believe in His powers to heal body, soul and mind - I believe that He is master over all illness and His word will send it fleeing. I believe that He can restore what was lost; give life where there is death.

I believe in His sovereignty over all things in Heaven and Earth.

While feeling so ill I prayed that the Lord would take me home - I couldn't take anymore of this burden. I heard Him say to me very clearly "if I take you home now, you will miss what is to come".

He didn't say what is coming, but He did fill my heart with hope. I believe that something wonderful is in store to bring me such a message.

Your sister in Jesus = (Yeshua)

Jan occ@shaw.ca

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From: Messenger

To: Jan

Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 6:18 PM

Subject: Re: God loves you

Praise God

Dear Brethrens

Jan, I am praying to God in the name of his Son Jesus = (Yeshua) for you health condition and for your situation.

I am praying:

O my Lord God I come before you in the name of your Son Jesus = (Yeshua) to hear the voice of my supplication as I am praying to thee for the pains and the sufferings of thy people lifting up my hands to thy holy heaven for those who asked me for thy mercy and thy healing touch and to protect them by thy shield of righteousness. Draw me not away O lord I need thy love and thy mercy; I need you O lord God day and night, I sleep not until you hear the cry of thy peoples who speak peacefully and shout from their physicals and emotional pains for thy glory asking for your loving kindness to over shadow them to heal them and to pour your divine everlasting blessing among them.

O lord, bless and provide according to their needs and according to thy will, and please pour your love, mercy, blessing, and your miracle healing upon them for cure; and please protect them by thy shield of holiness and righteousness, and cover them with the precious blood of the lamb your Son Jesus = (Yeshua) to protect them from evil and to heal them from their illnesses. Amen

God bless



Dear Messenger Dec 3 2002

Hope what the Father has for me happens soon, as I am falling completely apart here. I have an infection in my saliva gland and from past experience it costs a bundle to clear it up. Doctors wanted to remove it awhile back, but the consequences were a possibility of having 1/2 my face paralyzed. It didn't seem to be worth it. I am feeling quite ill with it and have missed 2 days work, which I cannot afford. Prayers are much needed!

Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers...

Jan occ@shaw.ca