I was fired from my job because I spoke about Jesus = (Yeshua)



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From: Mable Dotson (c/o Messenger)
Date: 11/1/02
Time: 4:44:08 PM
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Date: 2002-10-31 07:06:09 Name: Mable Dotson Email mmdotson@setel.com  wrote to Messenger via unity@

City: Freeburn State: Kentucky Country: USA


I need everyone's prayers for a situation that has happened to me recently.

I was fired on October 9, 2002 from my job as librarian at a public library for talking about Jesus = (Yeshua) .

I had been the librarian there for 15 years and another employee that I worked with complained that she did not want me talking about the Lord.

I was given a reprimand on October 2 and was told to tell the patrons that wanted to talk to me about the Lord, that they were to call me at home and that I could not discuss the Lord with them at work unless it was a reference question.

I did not force my beliefs on anyone. We live in a Christian community and most of the patrons who use that library are Christians themselves and we enjoyed talking about God as I was waiting on them. I need for you to pray that God will move in a mighty way over this situation.

Thank you and God Bless you Mable Dotson