Alex is doing good, Our Lord is awesome


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From: Jill c/o Messenger
Date: 10/27/02
Time: 1:09:30 PM
Remote Name:


Oct 26 2002 Jill wrote to Messenger via unity@

Alex is doing good, should make a full recovery. Our Lord is awesome.....thanks for the prayers



**************Original message ******************** wrote to Messenger via unity@ for prayer request for Jill MArie In a message dated 10/23/02 11:09:53 AM, writes:

A 3 yr. old boy was hit by a car today. His name is Alex. He has a fractured skull, internal bleeding on the brain, a broken collar bone, a broken hip, and a damaged liver.

They have him in a drugged induce coma and the doctors say its touch and go right now. So if you wouldn't mind adding this little guy to your prayers I would greatly appreciate it. You guys are the best thanks again.



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