The lord healed me, I have NO arthritis!!!


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From: Diane
Date: 10/21/02
Time: 6:46:29 PM
Remote Name:


Oct 21 2002 Diane wrote to brother Messenger via unity@

Thank you, brother Messenger, for your heart of prayer. Thank you for understanding too!

I was just thinking of a time in my life when I was 14 years old and had rheumatoid arthritis and was bedridden for a year.

Finally, one day I got tired of being bedridden, and even though doctors had told my parents I may never walk or walk normally again, I began to take steps even though it was a great effort.

I even began to walk downtown several blocks and back. It was a marathon for me. Stepping on-and-off a curb was a great effort for me and very tricky, I could hardly do it.

But I kept doing it. Plus, at that age, I had a secret "crush" on a schoolboy at school (who probably never noticed me), and I wanted to get back to school so I could get glimpses of the boy I had a crush on.

(I outgrew this, of course!) However, it was one of the motivators to get me out of the bedridden stage to desiring to walk once again -- the only way I could get to school was to walk. (I had home schoolwork for one year.)

In any event, as the years went by I still had some arthritis in me (you could no longer notice it by my walking, as my walking was normal).

All of the crippling effects had pretty much gone.

I was invited at about 31-32 years of age to a big Christian convention put on by the FGBMFI back in those days.

One of the main speakers was Demos Shakarian, and as he spoke at that convention he said:

There are some of you out in the audience who have arthritis and want to be healed of arthritis, you people know who you are, would you stand up now, the Lord wants to heal you.

I stood.

And the Lord healed me.

Because of having arthritis in my medical records, going way back to my childhood, whenever I would go in to see a doctor about injury-related pains or stiffness, they would never examine me, they would look at my medical charts and say well you have arthritis, you had it when you were a kid, you still have arthritis.

I KNEW I had been healed of arthritis at that big FGBMFI convention years ago!

Finally, a couple of years ago, I told a nurse that I had been healed of arthritis. She was telling me I still had arthritis that it doesn't go away.

She said well I am sending you to the lab for some lab work and I will request that you have an arthritis test, too.

The lab did the necessary testing work and the results came back, no arthritis --

I have NO arthritis!!!

I KNEW Jesus = (Yeshua) had healed me!

Now I tell the medical people when they mention arthritis that I was healed of arthritis, and they see it in the medical records charts today.

Praise the Lord!!