Gog and Magog will attack the Jews and the Christians SOON


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From: Copy from the CNN mews
Date: 8/19/06
Time: 4:47:08 PM
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Gog and Magog's invasion on Israel

The CNN news said:

Iran confesses that the Iranian war on Israel from Lebanese boarder is a victory for the Islamic world.


TEHRAN, Iran, Iranian

President (Ma- hm- oud), (Ah -ma- -din- ejad) said Tuesday that (Hezb ollah) has "hoisted the banner of victory" over Israel and toppled USA led plans for the Middle East.

(Hezb ollah)'s main backers Iran and Syria struck nearly identical tones a day after a cease fire took effect in Lebanon: heaping praise on the guerrillas as perceived victor for the Islamic world and claiming that Western influence in the region was dealt a serious blow.

(Ma- hm- oud), (Ah -ma- -din- ejad) has drawn worldwide condemnation for calling for Israel's destruction and describing the Holocaust as a myth. Earlier Tuesday, a hard line Iranian cleric warned Israel that Iran's new 2,000-kilometer (1,250-mile) range missiles will land in Tel Aviv if the Jewish state attacks Iran, state-run television reported.

President of Iran Ahmad Khatami, a mid-ranking cleric, declared that Israel would face dire consequences if it "makes an iota of aggression against Iran."

"They must fear the day Iran 2,000-kilometer range missiles land in the heart of Tel Aviv," he said.

In his address, he said Iran will stick by its plans to reply on Aug. 22 to a package of Western economic and technology incentives offered in exchange for a suspension of uranium enrichment.

The U.N. Security Council has told Iran it must halt enrichment by Aug. 31 or face possible sanctions. Western nations, led by the United States, claim Iran is using its nuclear program as a cover for atomic weapons development.

Iran denies the allegations.