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Bible and religion, King Henry the eighth reformed his own church to divorce his wife and to get married with 6 women, he killed 2

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We can’t name a bible that is missing 16 books (holy). 

We all know, the bible contains 72 books.

The bible that contains 66 books is a protestant bible.

In reality, the bible contains 72 books. God's Word is Holy. The bible is a history, and prophetic book, which was written by many Authors. God’s Word is written through His prophets in the bible as the Torah, which are "the first five books in the bible. The New Testaments is the history of Jesus = (Yeshua) Christ = (Mashiach) = (Messiah)'s gospel. In reality, we should not name the gospel "New Testaments" because God gave His Testaments "covenant" to His prophets and shouldn’t have other testaments till heaven and earth disappear.

It means till God creates new heaven, new earth, and New Jerusalem, Revelation 21:1 to 27, God spoke to Isaiah = (Isaias) = (Yesha'yahu) about new heaven and new earth also, He said: The wolf and the lamb shall feed together and the lion shall eat straw like the bullock, and the dust shall be the serpent meat. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: said the Lord, Isaiah 65:17 to 25. [Note: Isaiah = (Isaias) = (Yesha'yahu)]


Jesus = (Yeshua) didn’t preach New Testaments he preached about God’s Law, he prohibited us to change or remove one jot of the Law, Matthew 5:17 to 19. During the Last Supper of Jesus = (Yeshua) Christ = (Mashiach) = (Messiah), Jesus = (Yeshua) said that his blood is the substitute of the sin's offering, "it means for the remission of sins". Jesus = (Yeshua) didn't say his blood would replace the entire Law of God. Paul the Tarsus deceived and still deceiving the Christians people through his false doctrines. Even Jesus = (Yeshua) didn't issue such doctrines. The prophecy of  Jeremiah 31:33 to 36 [Jeremiah = (Jeremias)] is not fulfilled yet; it shall be fulfilled when God creates new heaven and new earth. God said to Jeremiah: [in that day my people don't need the bible to read about my Word and not even priests or pastor to announce the Word; because they have my Law in their hearts]. Therefore, this prophecy is not fulfilled yet because we still reading God's Word and questioning religious people about God's Word. Paul said in Hebrews 8:7. God's Covenant has fault, and in Hebrews 8:8 to 12, Paul copied this prophesy from Jeremiah's 31:33 to 36 and placed in his book claiming that it is his prophesy instead. Paul deceived the believers and blasphemed God and His Covenant, he said: "God's Covenant has fault and therefore, God issues another covenant". God said to Ezekiel = (Ezechiel): Moreover, I will make a covenant of peace with them, it shall be an everlasting covenant of peace with them, and I will place them and multiply them and set my sanctuary in the midst of the forevermore, Ezekiel 37:26. Till God fulfills His prophecies, we should obey His Law. The Ark of the Covenant shall be in Heaven in God's Temple to judge the sinners accordingly.

The reformation of the protestant church removed 16 books from the Old Testaments in order to be different from the Catholic Church.

The king Henry the Eighth became dissatisfied with his wife and wanted to divorce her, he was in a difficult situation because the Christian Catholic Church prohibits divorce. Therefore, the king Henry had to establish his own protestant religion “church” to divorce his wife and to marry other women.

After Henry the eighth divorced his first wife through his own church, he divorced the second wife and married another.

The total marriages of the king Henry the eighth were six marriages; he killed two of those wives.

The following text contains 20 links that speak about the king Henry the eight's crimes.

The books that the protestant church removed:

The Old testaments of the protestant church contain 39 books. In reality, they are 55 books.

The following text indicates the names of those missing books.

40- Esther (Greg), written in Greek language, a Copy from the book of Ester, with 6 more chapters.

41- Judith. The writer is not known, it a story about a woman that saved her nation, as Ester.

42-Tobit, was written by Tobit

43-First book of Maccabees = (Machabees), written by Jason Cyrene

44- Second book of Maccabees = (Machabees), written by Jason Cyrene

45- Wisdom of Solomon, this book was taking from, Psalm, Job, and from Ecclesiastes = (Ecclesiasticus)

46- Sirach, written by Joshua = (Josue) the son of Siracide

47- Baruch, written by the same writer as the book of Jeremy

48- Letter of Jeremiah Written by Jeremiah [Jeremiah = (Jeremias)]

49- Supplement Greg book of Daniel, written by Daniel but has no relation with the book of Daniel, this book originally was written in the Greek language. However, the first First book of Daniel was written in Hebrew.

The Catholic Church’s bible contains the 16 books that the protestant removed from the bible.

Some manuscripts did place the 50th book to the 55th inside the 40th book to 49th book. It is true that we don’t see their titles but in reality, the following books # 5 to 55 are in the listed books number 40 to 49.

In some manuscripts, those books are placed separately according to its original titles, as it is described in this index from number 40 to 55.

The protestant church doesn’t believe in those books, therefore, you may not find them in their bible.

50 First Esdras = (Ezra)

51 Second Esdras = (Ezra)

55 Susanna It is part of Supplement Greek book of Daniel

53 Bell and the Dragon It is part of Supplement Greek book of Daniel

54 The prayer of Manasseh is part of Supplement Greek book of Daniel

55 Songs of the three young men is part of Supplement Greek book of Daniel

Links about the king Henry the eight of England

Take note that we have no relation with the following links.

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