Missing Children (pictures)


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From: Brother / Messenger
Date: 10/22/02
Time: 8:36:44 PM
Remote Name:


Urgent prayer and please forward

Praise God

Dear sister Rusty

Please pray and forward this email it is urgent

Our hopes is in Yahshoua (Jesus = (Yeshua) ), we don’t need sight to se him he is in our hearts, by loving our neighbours we are telling Jesus = (Yeshua) “I love you”.

That it might be fulfilled, which was spoken by the prophet Isaiah = (Isaias) = (Yesha'yahu), saying: He took our infirmities, and bare our diseases, Matthew 8: 17.

Brother / Messenger

God bless

Take note that we have no relation with the following text and address/es.

Original message

Please pray for her safe return. Pictures of Kayli


ENDANGERED RUNAWAY http://www.lrcf.net/photos/Kayli.2.jpg =====

Centerville, Louisiana


Missing Since: October 10, 2002

at 19:15

Age: 15

Missing From: Home in Centerville,


Sex: female

Height: 5ft., 3in.

Weight: 124 lbs.

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: dark brown (may be


Race: White

Complexion: olive

Birth Date: July 30, 1987 ~ Distinguishing Marks:

Pierced ears and belly button.

Scar - three

scratches - on outside of right leg.

Small birth mark on inside of left leg. ~ Clothing Description: Last known to be wearing a black shirt, printed gold cross with stones glued on, short sleeve.

May be wearing a brown, off the shoulder (rt.), shirt.

Light blue low-rider jeans, light blue Nike tennis shoes. Wears handkerchiefs ("do rag") on head.

Small blue jean purse.

Jewelry: Likes to wear big hoop silver earrings. ~ Kayli may be traveling in a small Buick, perhaps 1988, red or maroon, with dark tinted windows.

God Bless

Marianne/Kids Corner



I have sent this to everyone on my list. Please send this to everyone on your list to help find Shawn.

Several of the leads that we were following have not turned up any evidence or any signs of Shawn.

We have been using trained Search and Rescue dogs and they have had some progress of places that Shawn has been. Shawn was last seen traveling alone westbound on Hwy A from the intersection of Hwy A and Hwy 47 towards his home at around 4:30pm on 10/6/02.

This time it is the last known sighting of Shawn. If you would like to volunteer your time or resources we are asking that you please come to the 'Shawn Hornbeck Command Center' at the Methodist Church in Richwoods, MO at 8:30am on 10/18/02 (signs will be posted at intersection of Hwy 47 and A/H to direct you).

We are looking for people that can help search on foot and those with horses and ATV's.

If you are able to help....we can use it!

If you have seen Shawn since 4:30pm on Sunday, October 6th you have any information that would help me come home PLEASE contact the Shawn Hornbeck Search and Rescue Command Center at 573-678-2999.

Even the smallest clue could be the one that helps bring me home!

Missing from Richwood's, Missouri.

He disappeared 11 days 11 hours & 12 minutes ago on his way to a friends house.

Shawn Hornbeck is 11 years old,

please go to: http://www.shawnhornbeck.com Annie Hornbeck Poplar Bluff, MO