Australia: Moslems extremis killed 182 westerns tourists burned to death alive, most of the dead are from Australia.


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From: CTv  Canadian Television news
Date: 10/19/02
Time: 1:10:32 PM
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Moslems extremis killed 182 westerns tourists (burned to death) most of the dead from Australia.

Updated Sun. Oct. 13 2002 7:55 AM ET

Indonesia Bali tourist bomb attack kills 182

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CTV News StaffAt least 182 people, most of them foreigner tourists, were killed and another 300 injured Saturday as bomb blasts rocked the Indonesian resort island of Bali, authorities said. Dr. Puta Putra Wisade, Sanga Hospital communications chief, said 75 per cent of the dead were foreigners.

At least two explosions, caused by homemade bombs, occurred simultaneously at around 11:30 p.m. local time Saturday night, according to reports.

A nightclub in the heart of the main Kuta Beach tourist area was struck and another bomb exploded near the island's U.S. consular office.

Numerous foreigners were among those killed at a nightclub known as the Sari Club, said Lt.-Col. Yatim Suyatno, a police spokesperson, adding that he could not provide the identities of the dead nor their nationalities.The explosion sparked a blaze that engulfed another nearby nightclub on the island, which is a favourite with tourists from Australia, the U.S., and Japan.The second bomb went off about 100 metres from a U.S. consular office in the nearby city Denpasar, Bali's capital, Suyatno said.

Police said there were no casualties in that blast.

Indonesia's national police chief said terrorism could be behind the bombings."If you look at the number of victims, this was indiscriminate and there is indeed a possibility this was terrorism," police chief Dai Bachtiar told reporters at Jakarta's airport before leaving for Bali.He also said the attacks used terror methods.

Indonesian officials have in the past denied militants linked to al Qaeda are active in the country. However, authorities in Malaysia and Singapore have said members of a group known as Jemaah Islamiyah -- which is allegedly seeking to set up an Islamic state in Southeast Asia -- are based in Indonesia.At least 180 people were injured and were being treated in area hospitals and clinics, officials said.The Foreign Affairs Department in Ottawa said a Canadian woman was injured and taken to hospital with a broken arm, burns and what were believed to be non-life-threatening injuries.A department spokesperson said the woman was believed to be in Bali with her husband. No other details were available.

Canadian officials were also investigating a report another Canadian had been injured.At least five Britons were among the injured, the British consulate in Indonesia said.

Bali is Indonesia's premier resort island, and while the country has been racked by ethnic and religious violence in recent years, Bali had remained quiet.The blasts came just hours after a small handmade bomb on Indonesia's Sulawesi island broke three windows of the Philippine consulate in the city Manado, said Suleman Munde, a security guard at the building, which was closed at the time of the explosion.

Police Lt.-Col. Henjke Kuwara said the explosive device had been planted at the fence of building.Manado is a port city and a transit point to the southern Philippines, close to where the Islamic militant Abu Sayyaf group is active.

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