Christians kill people also


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Date: 10/19/02
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Christians kill people also,

Protestants killing the Catholics and the Catholics kill the Protestants in England.

But do you know who started?

Updated Mon. Oct. 14 2002 9:34 PM ET

Britain suspends Northern Ireland assembly

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CTV News StaffThe prime ministers of Britain and Ireland say they're "deeply saddened" by the news that Britain has been forced to re-assume responsibility for Northern Ireland. But Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern also say the move prevents the ruling coalition in Belfast from collapsing. Power was stripped from the province's coalition government at midnight Monday. The move put London back in control of Northern Ireland's affairs -- for the fourth time in three years.

Britain will maintain control for an indefinite period while feuding Catholic and Protestant leaders bury their differences over the peace process.

The two sides are fighting over accusations of spying by the Irish Republican Army -- an allegation that emerged after police raided the assembly offices of Sinn Fein, the political wing of the IRA.

Four people, including Sinn Fein's top legislative aide, are behind bars awaiting trial for espionage-related charges as a result of the raids. The major Protestant party, the Ulster Unionists, had threatened to withdraw from the coalition over the issue, a move that would have set back peace negotiations for years.

Ulster Unionist chief David Trimble has offered to resume co-operation with Sinn Fein only if the IRA disbanded. He said he accepted London's move as "a poor second best." The power-sharing government was a key element of what is known as the Good Friday agreement.

It brought peace to Northern Ireland four and a half years ago. The question now is: what will happen to that peace? Blair and Ahern say they hope the province's institutions can be restored "as soon as possible."

And the situation is nothing new: Britain has suspended the Northern Ireland assembly three times in the past. In each case, London ruled the province until the various factions settled their differences. That may happen again. But all sides acknowledge, this latest crisis may be the worst the assembly has faced. With the government in limbo, sectarian antagonism is still a force is northern Ireland.

But so is war fatigue. And the hope is that the past four years have built a momentum for peace among the people, that feuding politicians cannot break.

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