Million incidents when Christians kill Christians brethrens


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Over than millions incidents when Christians kill Christians brethrens

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The Militant - 2/26/96 -- London Unable To Kill Ireland

TalksVol.60/No.8 February 26, 1996 London Unable To Kill ... This was a common sentiment in Northern Ireland. A Catholic woman shopping on the predominantly

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Protestant Gunmen Kill Catholic Postman... North Irish Protestant Gunmen Kill Catholic Postman. BELFAST (Reuters ... 20, was gunned down in Rathcoole, a Protestant ... The quest for peace in Northern Ireland was

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CW News: Protestant Militants Threaten To Kill Catholic Irish... BELFAST, Northern Ireland (CWN) - Pro-British paramilitary groups threatened to kill Irish Catholic civilians if Northern Ireland police don't allow Protestant

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Principal Events... Agree to a 'Council of Ireland'. ... 17 May, Car bombs in Dublin, planted by protestant terrorists, kill 22 people. 21 November, IRA bombs in two pubs in ... - 24k - Similar pages

"Northern Ireland: War of the Hooligans" - TIM GW Bulletin 98/7- ...... reacting, spray-painted on a wall in the Protestant ... for the Catholics; kind of like saying the "Kill ... there were two gangland-style shootings in Northern Ireland ... - 13k - Similar pages

IRA Truck bomb Kill 27 and injuries 200 in WORST ATTCK IN N- ...... died after three car bombs were set off by a pro-British Protestant ... Follow Ups:Re: IRA Truck bomb Kill 27 and injuries 200 in WORST ATTCK IN N-IRELAND

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'N. Ireland Gunmen Kill One of Own' /AP (NY Daily News) -- Irish ...... Beyond_the_City/a-120185.asp N. Ireland Gunmen Kill ... Gunmen trying to stir up hatred with Northern Ireland's ... more bloodshed yesterday after killing a Protestant

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Death of the Northern Ireland ceasefire... peace talks by early September. June 16 IRA gunmen kill two Protestant policemen in Lurgan, Northern Ireland. July 6-8 The IRA fires

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Local Ireland: Local Kildare: Kill: Kill, Co. Kildare - An ...... the west side of the Wick low Mountain Range in Ireland ... Kill has 2 churches, St John's Church (Roman Catholic ... into disrepair was rebuilt in 1820's as a Protestant

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Kill, County Kildare, Ireland... for Kill is "An Chill" meaning "The Church" and Kill has ... Brigid's Catholic Church and St John's Church of Ireland. ... it was rebuilt but this time as a Protestant

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