Pakistan kills thousand of Christians


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From: (copy from CTV news)
Date: 10/14/02
Time: 9:56:49 PM
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(Pakistan kills thousand of Christians)

From: (copy from CTV news)


Updated Fri. Aug. 9 2002 4:49 PM ET

Three nurses killed in Pakistan grenade attack

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CTV News Staff Three nurses were killed Friday when Pakistani militants tossed grenades at a crowd of women leaving a chapel at a missionary hospital near Islamabad. Doctors said another 25 people were injured in the attack -- the second against a Christian institution in less than a week.

One attacker also died in the explosions at the hospital in Taxila, about 40 kilometers from the capital. Reuters reports the three men, one of them brandishing a pistol, had been waiting by the hospital gates for the daily morning service to end. They then hurled grenades at women leaving the church. Shoes and clothing were scattered among the debris and blood stains could be seen at the entrance to the building. The hospital receives funds from the Presbyterian Church USA and other Christian groups.

It was founded in 1922 and specializes in the treatment of eye diseases. On Monday, gunmen killed six people in an attack on a Christian school northeast of Islamabad. Investigators believe the attackers in both cases were from the same cell of militants. "We have drawn the conclusion that a group of between 15 to 20 terrorists is actively trying to kill Christians and westerners to express their anger against Pakistan's support for the United States in the war against terrorism," chief police inspector Raja Mumtaz Ahmad said. Islamic militants angry over Pakistan's support for the U.S.

-led war on terror have increased attacks on Christian and western targets in the past year. Most of the victims, including the three nurses, have been Pakistani but 11 French engineers and two Americans have also died in the violence. No Westerners were believed to be in the hospital at the time of the attack.