John Paul urges Catholic youth to forgive


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From: (Copy from CTV news)
Date: 10/14/02
Time: 9:48:52 PM
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(John Paul urges Catholic youth to forgive)

From: (Copy from CTV news)

Comments Pope John Paul urges Catholic youth to forgive

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Text of Pope John Paul's prepared remarks

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World Youth Day 2002

CTV News Staff Pope John Paul II spoke of the power of forgiveness in the face of evil as he addressed a sea of excited World Youth Day pilgrims in Toronto Thursday. "My joyful and heartfelt greetings go to you," John Paul began his remarks to the 200,000 young Catholic pilgrims representing 172 countries.

Speaking at times in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, he reminded the young Christians of the need to live in a spirit of forgiveness. Alluding subtly to the events of Sept. 11, he called on the youths to "discover the path of reconciliation in a world often laid waste by violence and terror." "Last year, we saw with dramatic clarity the tragic face of human malice. We saw what happens when hatred, sin and death take command," he said. "But today, Jesus = (Yeshua)'s voice resounds in the midst of our gathering. His is a voice of hope, of forgiveness: a voice of justice and of peace.

Let us listen to this voice!" Referring to himself as "the aged Pope, full of years but still young at heart," the pontiff took many breaks as he spoke and smiled weakly. Yet each time he waved, he sent the crowds into bursts of cheers of "John Paul II, we love you!" to which he happily clapped along and responded "John Paul II loves you too." Returning to his message, he urged the youth to seize the opportunity of the occasion to come closer to God.

"I invite you to make the various activities of this World Youth Day, which is just beginning, a special time when each of you listens attentively to the Lord, with a willing and generous heart, in order to become the 'salt of the earth and light of the world'." As the Pope arrived on the grounds, many cheered while others burst into tears as they caught a glimpse of the head of their faith while he rode in his "Popemobile" through the crowds.

Some had been camped out in the area since 7 a.m. to await the Pope's arrival. One blond girl, Kathleen Sheridan, 19, from Wisconsin, broke into tears as the Pope rode by. "Oh my God. It's so amazing!" she told CTV News. "I didn't think he'd be this close. He actually waved at us." Her friend Claire Roehre, 17, also from Wisconsin, seemed in shock. "It's been unreal, it's not soaking in yet.

I just saw the Pope. I don't know how to describe it." Some of the pilgrims have said their dedication and excitement over the event has been heightened by the Pope's obvious determination, despite failing health, to attend the event he created 18 years ago. Despite fighting the symptoms of Parkinson's and stooped with arthitis, he has appeared more energetic this week than he has in months.

More rest to precede Sunday's mass After the ceremony Thursday, the Pope headed back to Strawberry Island north of the city, where he spent two days resting after arriving Tuesday. On Friday, he is scheduled to lunch with a group of young people on the island. In downtown Toronto, the so-called Way of the Cross parade will take place along University Ave.

On Sunday, the World Youth Day celebrations will culminate with the Pope's celebration of mass at the former Downsview air base in north Toronto. With more than one million people expected, the ceremony may become the largest one-day gathering ever to be held in North America. The pontiff leaves the city Monday to fly to Guatemala.