I am God, sniper said in Washington-area


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Date: 10/14/02
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Oct 14 2002

The Washington-area sniper took the weekend off again, adding a tiny clue to the identity of an assassin who has killed eight and injured two since Oct. 2.Some criminologists have suggested the shooter may have a job and work schedule that accounts for the timing and location of the attacks. James Fox of Northeastern University in Boston suspects the sniper must be occupied on weekends, noting that all murderers "have to make time to kill, and obviously he doesn't have time on the weekends.''Investigators hunting the serial sniper have noted some consistencies: he favours suburban gas stations; takes time to aim and fire a single round; and has not let two days pass without opening fire again. And if a tarot card left at the scene of one of the shootings is genuine, the killer also appears to enjoy taunting police.Criminal profilers believe the killer is feeding off the Media = (Medes) coverage, enjoying the notoriety and the fact that he is foiling police.