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Divisions of of Islam

After Mohammed's death, the Muslims were fighting among tribes for the caliphate of Mohammed = [successor of Mohammed]. During the conflict, Mohammed's grandson Ali was the third caliphate of Mohammed. Ali was the son on Mohammed daughter Fatima, he was born in 625 AD and died in 669. Ali had two sons "Hasan" and "Al Hussein". Muslim believe that Al Hussein was poisoned by his wife or by his servant. But others believe that he was killed by those that wish to take the caliphate of Mohammed. Since then, the Muslims divided into three divisions. One division gathered in Saudi Arabia, which they are named by Sunnis. The second division gathered with Ali's tribe in Syria, which they are named by Aliwee, or Alawee, and the third division gathered with Ali's son "Hasan" and "Al Hussein" tribe in Iran which they are named by Shia = [Shiites].

Ali = [Alawee] tribe of Syria united with the tribe of "Hasan" and "Al Hussein" the Shia = [Shiites] Muslims of Iran against the Sunnis Muslims of Saudi Arabia to revenge for the death of Ali and his two sons "Hasan" and "Al Hussein". This revenge remains until this day. Therefore, we recognize the conflicts between Shiites Muslims and Sunnis Muslims around the world. It means the Muslim tribes are killing themselves. The American troops are in Iraq to end this ancient revenge that lasted 1400 years. However, the Muslim world always accusing American for the Iraqi conflict, but America didn't exist during Mohamed's era in 600 AD when this conflict started.

The Iranians Shae = (Shi'ite Shiites) Moslems = (Muslims) use the name "Hussein" often because the name of their Muslim apostle "Hasan" "Al Hussein". Usually and according to tradition, the Muslim Shiites name their children Hasan or Hussein, or Ali, it refer to Mohammed's brother Ali and his son Hasan Al Hussein.

I have personal comment: Is Hussein Barak Obama is shiite Muslim because of his middle name "Hussein"?