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Ishmael and Isaac, Hagar & Sarah

Why Abraham dispatched Hagar, was it Sarah's commandment and by God's agreement? Did Hagar exist, why they named her name Hagar = dispatched = exiled, it sounds that the name matches the story as she was dispatched. Why the bible indicates that she was Egyptian, not Hebrew, why her position was as a servant = Sarah's slave = not free? Does it make a difference to God if Hagar was a servant or free? The apostle Paul did make a difference between a slave and free, Paul said: God made a covenant with the son of the free, not with the slave, does God's description to Hagar consider racism? Why Isaac became the promised son instead Ishmael the firstborn of Abraham? If Ishmael was the firstborn, why Abraham sacrificed his younger son Isaac because the angel told Abraham to sacrifice his firstborn and his only son? Ishmael is the firstborn of Abraham because Abraham officially married Hagar according to the book of Genesis.

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In this site, I am describing Cain as an ungodly race according to the Torah, not according what I believe.


* Why there are peaceful and violent commandments in the Torah?

* Why Jesus' gospel doesn't contain any violent?

*Why the koran contain violent?

* Why the book of Genesis exclude Cain from Adam's generation and why the daughters of men are linked to Cain's race, and why Cain's race is linked to the Canaanites?


* Did Cain kill his brother, who are the Canaanites and why Canaan was invaded?

* Who are the daughter of men and the giants? Who had entered the Promised Land?

* Did God permit the Jews to conquer the Canaanites lands?

* Did God permit the Hebrew to conquer the Canaanites lands or just to refuge in it?

* Are the terrorists terrorizing the world to destroy Israel and to establish Palestine or to Islamize every single person on this planet earth or both?

* Would the terrorists stop terrorizing the world if Israel vanished from this planet earth and Palestine becomes a nation?

* "According to the koran = (quran)" Would the terrorists continue to kill non-moslems = (non-muslims) on this planet earth after establishing Palestine and free the muslims' lands from the Christians and Jews?

Is it for Palestine or to Islamize the world?

* Are the giants the descendants of Cain and Esau?

* Did Abraham have three wives, Sara, Hagar, and Keturah?

* Why Ishmael and Isaac are from different mothers through Abraham?

* Ishmael is the firstborn of Abraham, not Isaac.

* Did Abraham dispatch Hagar and her son Ishmael and WHY?

* Did God permit Abraham to dispatch Hagar and son Ishmael and why?

For more information about the "peaceful" Torah, Jesus' gospel, the Promised Land, Ishmael, Isaac, Esau, the daughters of men, and the giants visit this page in April 2009.

The Arabs have to obtain some evidences before they claim the Semitic background of Abraham. According to the family tree of Abraham = (Ibrahim), Ishmael's offspring was diminished before Moses' era. Therefore, the Arabs and the moslems = (muslims) can't claim to be of Abraham's Semitic offspring. Why there aren't any traces of Ishmael's and Keturah's = (Qatura) offspring after Moses' era and after the establishment of Israel through one of Jacob's twelve sons "Judah" = (Judaism), till this day 2009?


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Ishmael and Isaac: Cain is the firstborn of Adam. Why the Torah indicates Seth as the firstborn of Adamís instead of Cain? Why Cain kill his brother Abel? Why Cain was excluded from Adamís offspring? Why Cain isnít mentioned in Adamís offspring? Why the daughters of men are connected to Cain's race? Why Isaac became the firstborn instead Ishmael? Why Jacob became the firstborn instead Esau? Why Esau married Ishmael's daughter? Why one of Esau's offspring is Amlec = (giant)? Why Judah became the first born instead Ruben? Why Jacob blessed Ephraim instead of Manaseh? Why the ten tribes of Israel are excluded except two tribes, Judah and Benjamin? Why the moslems = (muslims) are fighting the Jews and the Christians?

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