My Christian experience around the world: In the following text I am exclaiming my rotten experiences with some muslim friends and my Christians friends also in Lebanon and in the western world.



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1 - My Christian experience in the Middle East & in the Western World

2 - Electricity and building's utilities:

3 - Robberies by Lebanese Christians:

4 - Middle East politic and its religious status

5 - My arrival to the west:

6 - Another shocking robbery by very, very, very close person:

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 1 - My Christian experience in the Middle East and in the Western World

I had to return to the west in 2006 where I was loved and protected by western people. I was loved and treated with dignity by western Jews, Christians, Buddhists, etc.. However, I was treated harshly by Middle eastern moslems = (muslims) & Christians people in Lebanon. However, these incidents don't make the western Christians and the western muslims as angels. I also had some bad experience with Middle Eastern Christians and the muslims in the western world as well.

There is something that always puzzle me, why the muslims came to the west if they believe the western people are defiled. How muslims can work for western people if they think western non-muslims are defiled. If western people are defiled, their moneys have to be defiled as well. But for muslims, moneys is always clean even if comes from infidels.

Well, the Arabs and the worldwide moslems = (muslims) came to the west to destroy the western economy, terrorisms. Their presence in the west is to invade and to Islamize the world. I was chocked for the rotten treatment in the middle east; however, I was treated with dignity in west [as foreign lands to me], which I love, respect, and embrace as my native country. I lived in the west more than I lived in my native country. I am proud to be a citizen of the west, and I am proud to server them with honesty and honor, and I am willing to sacrifice my life as those that had sacrificed their lives to ensure my safety and for safe world.

We don't recognize such brave and honest people that sacrifice their lives for others in the middle east. The moslems = (muslims) are fighting non-moslems = (muslims) worldwide as Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, etc... Even christians are killing christians for money and for religious reasons.

The biggest mistake that I ever committed in my life is that I went to Lebanon in 2002/2006 for visit. However, I am proud that I left this evil country "Lebanon", promising my self not to commit the same mistake again.

Note: the Christians in the Middle East are identified through their accents, their proper dresses, and their respect to the law and to others. I was advised by two moslem = (muslim) persons from two different areas and two difference backgrounds to dress as moslem = (muslim) people in Lebanon and in the Middle East to avoid conflicts. I find it strange to get advice from two moslem = (muslim) persons, which consider the enemies of the Christians. They said: [to remain alive in this country, don't dress like western people "clean" bright colors, shave once a week, cut your hair very short, leave your hairs messy don't comb it, change your accent and speak loud and dirty, use the name of allah or mohamed all the times to show that you are moslem = (muslim); salute "salam Alakoume", which means “peace” as an Arab, not as Lebanese Christians. Don't use the word (Good morning in English) or (Bonjour in French) or (Marhaba in Arabic, which means "hello"), these dialogues are used by Lebanese Christians only.

Note: it doesn't mater what I do, the muslims know I am a stranger and a Christian, and I am not going to deny my Christianity to please muslims.

Persecuting and massacring Christians in the Middle East. This kind of torture and killing Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Atheists is on style in Asia and around the world also. Some meddle eastern Christians are receiving moneys from moslems = (muslims) countries for terrorisms also, which is shocking. This king of persecution obliged Some Christian families in the middle east give their wives and daughters to gangs and illegal immigrants for moneys.

When I was ion Lebanon, I had to declare my religion status in my application to have bank account in (BLOM) Bank in Lebanon. The moslems = (muslims) in the middle East don't buy anything from the Christians, they don't shake hands with Christians, they don't marry Christians "unless they convert to Islam"; they don't resident in the same building with Christians; they don't rent an apartment or a commercial space to Christians; they don't work for Christians, they don't hire Christians in their enterprises, unless there is a lot of moneys in prophet involved, read quran  (sourat alnisa 4:89).

They rape Christian girls to oblige them to convert to Islam "for sure the girl is obliged to marry the rapist "because Middle Eastern girls must be virgin to get marry". Therefore, they rape Christian girls to oblige them to convert, which increase moslems = (muslims) populations worldwide. My three female cousins got married with moslems = (muslims) men. Christians can't get their cars fixed at moslems = (muslims) garages; if they do, their cars will be vandalized instead fixed.

Some Christians work with these criminals for moneys, drugs, and prostitutions. My car was vandalized by friends and by Lebanese moslems = (muslims) and Christian gang in the area where I was living.

My driver license was stolen by a "driving-school" moslem = (muslim) agent to be forged and to be sold to illegal immigrants in the country. When I applied to replace my driver license, the director of the motor vehicle bureau "moslem = (muslim)" kept my original Identification, instead making a copy. The director of the motor vehicle bureau gave me two choices, my driver license, or my identification; he refused to make a copy of my Identification, he kept the original. I said: it is not normal to keep my original identification to renew my driver license, I need the original, he said: I don't have time, you can get another one in different department; but for now,  you have two choices; a driver license or your identification; I had to accept his offer, I chose a driver license because I need to drive in this hell.

He kept my identification to forge it for profit or to give it for free to some illegal immigrants for terrorisms' purposes.

I was pushed and treated badly by an employee of the motor vehicle bureau.

When I asked the customer service in that department to file a complaint, I was told: "if you file a complaint you won’t be happy", it means I won’t be safe". SDo I left without making a complaint. I was questioned about my religion status before I bought m car in "2002/2004". When the dealer knew I am Christian, he sold to me a car in bad condition and with fake registrations. I asked for reimbursement, for sure they refused because I am Christians and from the west. In Lebanon, you could get anything you desire with moneys, drugs, girls, women, boys, child prostitution, fake identifications, fake passports, crime contracts, and weapons. I never had fresh food in Lebanon, beans always full of bugs, rotten fruits and vegetables, the good products are shipped to Syria, Iran, and other parts in the Middle East to muslims. Christian pay 30 to 40 percent more, many merchants don't label and priced their merchandises in Lebanon.

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 2 - Electricity and building's utilities:

I had to pay three electricity bills and two building's utilities bills each month, the first electric bill for the authority, the second electricity bill for the mafia that control the eclectic generators in the area, and the third electricity bill and the utility bill for the building where I was living in because my Syrian neighbor in the same building didn't pay his bill. The building's genitor warned me: [do not complain, all the tenants have to share to pay the Syrian tenant bills including you. If you could collect from this Syrians, it will save us a lot of moneys and troubles. The Syrians don't pay their bills in Lebanon, the Lebanese people pay for them. Therefore, we can't collect any moneys from this tenant] The Syrians and the Iranian Hezbollah are robbing the Lebanese economies directly and openly from the Lebanese government for the past twenty five years. Nothing can be done about it.

Lebanese economy did clasped, merchandises and medications never genuine and outdated, rotten food is been sold to us with a smile, these people are crooks. I was attacked by Syrian person on the bus, because I complained to the driver about cigarette smoking. The Syrian passenger almost killed me when we arrived, he said: [I was going to throw you out of the bus through the window because you complain about me smoking, don't you know it is the time to break-fast my Ramadan's fasting by a cigarette because I had no food with me.] I said: you fast for God, and whosoever loves God shouldn't hurt people by his cigarette. He said: [you are full of it and stop playing around; you are not going to die with my cigarette]. I had to apologize to the Syrian with cheerful smile to stay alive. In reality, the moslems = (muslims) believe that the non-moslems = (muslims) are defiled and they should be killed or submit to Islam. I didn't believe such claim, but I did when I red the quran, the book of islam, quran chapter sourat altawba 9:5 and (sourat altawba 9:28 to 29), it commands to fight those don't believe in Allah and Mohammed, and allah commands the muslims to fight the infidels where you find them.

Quran commands to kill the unbelievers, Allah says: [slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, [Jizyah] leave their way free to them; surely allah is Forgiving, Merciful] Quran (sourat altawba 9:5)


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 3 - Robberies by Lebanese Christians:

My jewelry (retail value 5000 US dollars) the diamond was switched by "Bijouterie Modern" Jewelry store in "Berj Hamoud" area in Beirut the capital of Lebanon. The owner of this jewelry store is "Armenian-Christian"; he did it with the help of his moslem = (muslim) outsider-employee, "2003". I was robed again by two business men, Egyptian, and Christian-Armenian also; they never paid their bills, Feb 14/2004.

I had difficulty to sale products to moslems = (muslims) also. If you curious to know why, Read quran (sourat alnisa 4:89). it says: [don't be friends or  with the infidels and kill them anywhere you find them.]

The koran = (quran)'s passage reads: [O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely allah does not guide the unjust people. koran = (quran) (sourat almaida 5:51)]

I hired a moslem = (muslim) sunni to renovate the washroom in my apartment, this person took 75 percent of his fee in advance, he worked 2 hours every day for three days; he demolished the entire washroom and left. Before he left, he set up the kitchen's curtain on fire to burn my apartment, he stole the washroom's new accessories that I had purchased from him, because I am Christian. The person that was helping him is shiite moslem = (muslim), he advised me on the first day to hire Christian contractor instead his moslem = (muslim) boss, because his boss is evil, doesn't like Christians. I didn't accept his advice because I am not prejudice and racist. Latter, I realized that the helper was right.

I had nasty, racist and criminal neighbors when I was in Lebanon, I received a warning from a moslem = (muslim) neighbor, it says: "don't wear short pants while you are on the back balcony", then they sent another warning: "don't dry your underwear on the cloth line on the back-balcony because our women are not supposed to see male underwear". I had to obey their command, I closed my windows and my balcony's doors, and I locked my self inside looking at the walls summer and winter for three years. I was drying my clothes in my washroom. I can't call the police because the police receive orders from these gangs.

Then, someone "gang's member" placed a warning on my car, saying: "this car is set with explosive device, nicely, you will die". I reported to the police on May 12 2005, however, I never got a police report number. Then the neighbor on the third floor set up a meeting with some Syrian gang, saying: [you are burning candles or incense, are you praying to the devil, are you of those people that worship the devil?] These people are sick, they see me go to Church next door every Sunday how could they say such lie. After these warnings, I was attacked by three people while I was driving my car in the region. I had bruises all over my face and red eyes for one month.

Afterward, I had to sale my car to avoid attacks. Then, I rented a car from a moslem = (muslim) person; this person never returned my 200 dollars deposit back, January 2006. Moreover, he charged me & 200 US because the car doesn't start after I returned the car in one week. How can I be responsible if the car doesn't start after one week I had returned to the owner.

Then, a moslem = (muslim) neighbor that dwells around the corner was treating me nicely. I was surprise to receive such nice treatment from a moslem = (muslim) man. Finally, I found out that this person is a homosexual, and his unusual delight treatment toward me is to have sex with me. When I rejected him and pushed his hands away from me,   this man knew that I am not into this filthy desire, he deliberately set a fight, and became an enemy as the rest.

Finally, I decided to return to the west. I paid to ship my personal belongings in Lebanon, when I received the shipment in the west I had to pay again because the shipping's fee wasn't all paid. The "dishonest" person that owns the Transport Company shipped my personal belongings is a very good "Christian" friend to my brother for the past 15 years. This dishonest friend lives in the same building where my brother dwelt.

 Lebanon is the most danger and risky country to visit. The fanatic moslems = (muslims) in Lebanon killed two presidents, two prime ministers, and 19 senators, and 150 thousands civilians for the past 30 years to descended the Lebanese Christian government. At the present time, 2009, Lebanon is controlled by Syria and Iran.

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 4 - Middle East politic and its religious status

I was baptized in Catholic Church because my father is Catholic; however, I decided to follow God instead religions. I am not prejudice; I worship God at any Church in this world, but I don't follow traditions religious' teachings "agnostic doctrines".

Sunday, 2003 Lebanon, at the Orthodox Christian church, the priest questioned me about my religious status while he was giving me communion "the Lord's Supper". The priest asked me about my church before he gave me communion, I answered: I am Christian, he couldn't ask other question, he gave communion, but he wasn't happy. The Orthodox church doesn't give communion to a Catholic or Protestant person. However, the Catholic Church welcomes and gives communion to all people disregarding their backgrounds. Jesus = (Yeshua) said that he came for sinners, not for righteous; therefore, his body and his blood for the remission of the sinners' sins. Sinners must take communion to obtain forgiveness through repentance. The church must welcome all the people, sinners and righteous from all religions and beliefs. Jesus = (Yeshua) didn't come for the orthodox, moslems = (muslims), protestant, or the Catholics only. Jesus = (Yeshua) came to this world to save mankind.

Lebanon, 2004: I wasn't welcome to use the Internet shop because the moslem = (muslim) manager found out that I was login to Christian sites.

Lebanon, 2004: I was refused by a female friend to be friend or to marry. She said:  my moslem = (muslim) family doesn't accept Christian people. There was one solution to be friend or to marry the girl, I must convert to Islam. In reality, this girl was aiming to get moneys from me, she asked me to (guaranty) cosign her for 30 thousands US dollars loan. Naturally, I refused, and then, she never called me since that time.

In 2005, I was locked in a taxi car for twenty minutes till I paid the double amount of the usual charge.

In Saudi Arabia, the authority kills moslems = (muslims) that married Christians or converted to Christianity. Christian person can't open a business unless a moslem = (muslim) partner owns 51 percent shares in this business.

It was announced on televisions and through newspapers: Christians are forced to convert to Islam and forced to get circumcision in Indonesia, Algeria, Morocco, Afghanistan, Africa, and Asia. moslems = (muslims) women are forced to get circumcision in some moslems = (muslims) countries also. The Islamic law condemns Christian preachers to death in those countries. I was told not take a bible with me when I went to work in Saudi Arabia. I was told not to speak about God and Jesus = (Yeshua) in Lebanon with the Arabs and not even to the Lebanese Christians. However, I had problem with the Christians only concerning the bible, not with moslems = (muslims).

It sounds strange, but it is Lebanon. Very strange Christians; once I was accused to be a Jewish spy; a preacher of Jehovah witnesses, Anglican preacher, Atheist, and the last accusation was one of the devil's worshipers. In those countries, you shouldn't speak about God or Jesus = (Yeshua), you go to church, confess your sins to the priest, give moneys to the church to pray for your dead relatives and friends to inherit heaven, fast with the others, pray to Mary ten times and one time for Jesus = (Yeshua), the priests read the bible only not the congregation, say yes to moslems = (muslims) in all circumstances to stay alive, be friend with the Iranians' (Hezb – ollah) and the Syrians, give your women and daughters to politicians, police, and to gangs, kill if they ask you to do so, smoke and drink to be a good normal citizen, commit adultery, steal and lie to be righteous, vote when you get paid only, pay ransoms to the Arabian mafia, be stupid, pay your electricity bill three times, pay your taxes and the electricity for you and for the illegal Syrians and Iranians that dwell in the Middle east, don't complain about the Syrians', Iranians', submit to the Palestinians that are armed in your native lands without permits and with cars without licenses because they are illegal scary gangs,

Conclusion: You can't trust anyone in Lebanon, in the Middle East, and in Asia at all.

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 5 - My arrival to the west:

My mother hired a Lebanese "Christian" women to help her cleaning the house, this women stole 10 thousands US dollars in cash, which was a financial help between my brothers for business' investment. The money was given to my brother at nigh, in the morning the moneys diapered during the Lebanese Christian woman cleaning the house. "No one ever left the house from that night till the next morning when the money disappeared. My mother didn't believe that the woman stole the moneys, because she is from the Christian Church. Many things disappeared from the house as food, soaps, clothes, small articles, Christmas decorations.

Note: in the west 1981, I had to sale few pieces of my Jewelry to establish my self. I sold them to a very good Lebanese Christian friend; his last name was ( "Betrous "). This person promised to pay the balance of the moneys in one week. This person never paid the money "1500 Dollars", I asked him for the moneys many times, he never paid. This person went back to Lebanon in 1990, and I didn't see him since. When I was in the middle east in 2006, I met him in funeral home, I asked him for my moneys, he said: I am not going to pay the balance, because I over paid. But he told me that after 25 years.

My mother's car was stolen in the west by Lebanese Armenian-Christian, this person's wife suppose to be a very good friend to my mother in the Church. This person stole the Car's key during our picnic invitation to his family in summer 2000. After two week from the key's disappearance, the car was gone.

For the past 30 years in the west, we had over than 50 robberies and thefts "mostly" related to Lebanese Christians and moslems = (muslims) friends also; and others robberies were related to Middle Eastern people, and two foreigners.

The most shocking 3 robberies were committed by people that are related to me and by very intimate friends.

Similar shocking robberies were committed by a moslem = (muslim) Lebanese friend "Ali" it happened in 1980 in the west, when this person stole the keys of my father's shop and made a copy, few days latter, he called my father early in the morning from his shop claimed that my father's shop was opened when he arrived. However, this person took the merchandises before he called my father. Then, the same person in the same year invited me to his house for lunch, while we were eating, his friend broke my front shop's window to steal, but the police arrived on time. While we were eating; Ali’s friend called to tell Ali what happened, he claimed that he saw the police around my shop when he arrived at he seen. However, both people were presence during my father’s and my shop’s robberies. It means Ali and his friend robbed my father's shop and planned to rob me also. The parable never lies, it says: [with this kind of friend, I don't need enemy.]

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 6 - Another shocking robbery by very, very, very close person:

In 1992, I placed lots of silver Jewelries "about three pounds" and few pieces of gold and over 10 thousands dollars in cash moneys with a very close person in trust before I left the west on business trip. After I returned home, I asked this person about the Jewelries. This person doesn't remember that I left anything with. I believe this person sold part of my Jewelries, and gave some away, and kept the rest. I saw people that are related to that person and friends wearing my jewelries. I even saw the same person wearing my jewelries also. Every time I see this person, I ask about the Jewelries; the person didn't see anything". Till 2009, no sign for my Jewelries, and this person never returned them.

Another robbery by a muslim person that worked for my friend. The person name is Kuder, in March 2006; Kuder came with my friend to drive us somewhere in the city. They came with two cars; I didn't know they came with two cars. Before we get in the car, Kuder saw me putting an envelope in my handbag. Kuder grabbed my hand bag to take it to the car; just offering his help. I pulled my hand back and told him, no, it is ok, I am keeping the handbag. He pulled my hand and the handbag five times offering his help; finally, I gave him the handbag to take it to the car. But the problem was that he placed all the suitcases and my handbag in his car, not in my friend's car. We arrived home without Kuder. Kuder arrived 45 minutes later. I didn't say anything because I presumed he got stocked in traffic. After he left, the Jeweler envelope was not in my handbag, the envelope disappeared. I didn't ask him for the bag because it may cause a problem with him and my friend. As the years passed by, in May 2011 I passed by a pawnshop to buy a used chain. I saw the two broken pearl and jade necklaces in the pawnshop, but the ring and other items weren't displayed in the window. I asked the person in charge about the precious stones in the display window, he said those precious stones are not for sale. The name of the store is [Solution R.L] on Cure-Labelle Boulevard in Laval.

I called Kuder many times on his cell to question him about my jewelries, this person never answer my calls because he knows what I am going to say.


Final Conclusion: the entire countries of the Middle East, including Asia, are the most dangerous and risky countries to visit or to live in.

Therefore, the tribulation that Jesus = (Yeshua) spoke of is fulfilling gradually, Bible Matthew 10:21 to 23, Matthew 24:9:51

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